Cara Delevingne Puma Muse Echo

Cara Delevingne Unveils Puma Muse Echo Sneakers

Cara Delevingne has returned for another Puma ad campaign just in time to debut one of the hottest new sneaker launches of the season. The model and brand ambassador unveiled the Puma Muse Echo kicks in her newest round of photo shoot images.

“Dare to #DoYou. Introducing the @PUMA #MuseEcho,” Cara posted on Instagram while unveiling her eye-catching ads. This comfortable high-top lace-up style comes in three wearable and trendy colors: Rock Ridge Gray, Puma White, and Black. We’ll take one of each, please!

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Cara has previously raved about her partnership with Puma, and the #DoYou mission they dreamed up together. The star recently launched the “Do You” web docu-series in conjunction with the brand, which was all about showcasing the real-life stories, struggles, and strengths of real women around the world.

Using her platform to further the reach of causes she cares about is something Cara really takes pride in. She has expressed that Puma is the kind of brand that lets her explore new possibilities.

“They’re genuine and have real perspective,” she has said about Puma. “The campaign I work with them on doesn’t just speak to the shoes but also tackles a bigger cause, and that makes for a pretty incredible brand.”

“After modeling for a long time and feeling like the things I was doing — the jobs I was doing — it was always that thing of ‘we’re not saving lives, guys!’” Cara said. “It got to the point after a while of ‘How can we make this something good? How can we actually give back and we’re not just taking from people, we’re actually spreading a good message about being yourself?’ As soon as I started working with Puma, we came up with the Do You thing.”

It’s exciting to see Cara doing more great work with the brand!

The Puma Muse Echo sneakers are now available to shop online and in select stores for $130.

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