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Cara Delevingne Stars In Jimmy Choo’s Cruise 2018 Campaign

A little bit of street style edge and a ton of glamorous sparkle define Jimmy Choo’s Cruise 2018 campaign starring Cara Delevingne. The model appears in the designer accessories label’s stunning “Shimmer in the Dark” editorial shoot and accompanying short film by Australian filmmaker Lorin Askill.

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Cara’s latest looks may celebrate the Cruise season collection, but they are perfect to bust out in time for your Holiday 2017 parties. Or any other glam occasion you have coming up, really.

“This season isn’t about one look, it’s about the many ways a woman might dress up for a night on the city — but always with a playful allure,” Jimmy Choo Creative Director Sandra Choi shared. “The shoot and film both perfectly capture the sense of anticipation and infectious energy that a night out can bring. It’s important for us to show the fun side of the brand, I just wanted to have a big celebration.”

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In this campaign, the model dazzles in sparkly dresses and shimmering ankle booties that are perfect for any glam affair of this season. But what does Cara think your own perfect holiday party should entail? A healthy portion of glam with a side of fun.

“Glitter, sparkles, a feather boa if you’re interested,” she shared. But there is also a twist. “Obviously, a Santa hat or funny glasses. I like a good outfit change, so if you have a little Santa bag stockpiled with different outfits which you can put on and swap with people, I think that’s fun.”

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That’s right: Cara supports your decision to top your festive frock with a silly holiday sweater.

“I’m very much pro Christmas jumpers – you are obliged at Christmas to look stupid because you’re with your family,” she shared. “So, everyone should wear a Christmas jumper at some point.” We’re down for it if we could look as fabulous as Cara!

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Cara also lets her holiday spirit shine in the video ad for the brand. Echoing the fun vibe of the city-inspired shoot, the model takes the town on her way out to an undoubtedly festive affair.

You can watch the campaign video for the Cara Delevingne Jimmy Choo Cruise 2018 campaign below.

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