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Camila Coelho Creates a Lipstick Collection with Lancôme

Social media influencer and mega-popular blogger Camila Coelho has collaborated with legendary makeup brand Lancôme on a range of ten picture-perfect lip colors that suit her personal style to a T. Her custom-created, limited edition Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge x Camila Coelho lipsticks will be available to shop in just a few days – but the whole venture has been a lifelong vision come to life.

Camila Coelho Lancome

“I’ve never been more excited than when Lancôme suggested we create lipsticks together. They see me as a lipstick girl, and I am — it’s the one thing I cannot live without,” Camila shared with Allure. “Going to their lab in Paris and seeing how everything gets done, choosing my own shades — it was so much fun. I spent a full day at the lab with makeup artist Lisa Eldridge just choosing shades.”

“I grew up seeing my mom wear Lancôme lipstick and perfume,” Camila told WWD. “We were on a trip and one of the Lancôme people asked me randomly, ‘If you created a product with a brand, what would you do?’ I told her I would do lipsticks because it’s my favorite product. And then it actually happened. I love the product, so I advertised it organically, besides the paid posts that I had to do. My followers see me so connected with the brand so it happened naturally.”


Camila Coehlo Lancome

The stunning shades range from classic, wearable reds to bolder fuchsias and purples. Camila decided to call upon her Brazilian heritage when crafting her range of products – and giving them those ever-important names.

“I grew up in Brazil, but I’ve lived in the U.S. since I was 14,” she explained to the publication. “I wanted to play with some Brazilian words and bring the Brazilian background to my collection. A few names are Copacabana, Ipanema, Carioca.”

Camila Coelho Lancome

The Lancôme L’Absolu Rouge x Camila Coelho lipsticks will be shoppable online on and starting on August 28. Then, the luxurious products will drop at beauty counters on September 7.

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