Calvin Klein's fall campaign

Calvin Klein’s Fall Campaign Puts Americana Front And Center

We knew Calvin Klein would be in for some changes when Raf Simons took control of the venerable brand back in January. Yet, after a solid debut at New York Fashion Week, he’s changing his tune a little. To freshen up his Western chic sense of Americana, Simons cast a slew of new stars to feature in Calvin Klein’s fall campaign. These stylish youths represent a distinct, new take on the classic West, expanding what was previously a limited market to show how it can remain relevant for coming generations. Filming on a remote highway in the dusty wilderness of the Mojave Desert, these new figures in colorful clothes take vibrant urban style into the land of cowboys and ranchers. Have you been chasing a way to take the earthy 70s and infuse them with something contemporary? Here’s your chance at the hands of Raf as told through the lens of Mr. Klein.

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When it comes to refreshing youthful stars, no one stands out with the same spark as cheery Lulu. Already a star after working with Vanderperre and Steven Meisel, she knows how to reel in the crowds with her innocent smile and charming complexion.

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Long 70s hair and dresses blowing the breeze really brought home the cool, casual feel of 2017 Calvin Klein wear. Red, dusty white, and matte blue with some golden accents are the colors of this national revolution.

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The classic duster is still a part of Calvin Klein’s new collection, though with a slightly futuristic touch. Check out this waterproof material that glistens in the hot desert sun. It’s a rain coat and trench coat worked into one. Who wouldn’t want an outfit like that?

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Mixing casual fashion with professional clothing has been growing in popularity since 2010, but Raf Simons took the idea to a whole new level with this hipster-meets-business wear combination. Transparent fashion never looked so sophisticated, but don’t let that fool you. This is festival attire, not office wear.

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Boho chic has ushered in another trend. Industrial fashion is taking a big piece of the pie when it comes to Americana styles in 2017. If you were wondering why you’re seeing more bib overalls and steel-toed boots in the streets, that’s why. Raf’s new collection doesn’t include those blatant examples of blue collar couture, but his use of symbols like this wooden ladder evoke that aesthetic with surprising distinction.

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Leather bomber jackets were all the rage last year. Now, the rebel look is being filled out with slimming leather trousers. Reminiscent of 70s disco and 50s biker gangs, it doesn’t get much more retro than this. You can practically hear the motorcycle revving up when you look at these new outfits.

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Though the clothing from Calvin Klein’s new collection evokes 70s fashion, the general aesthetic of his designs has a Beatnik personality to it. It seems road trips across the empty American wilderness is vogue again and driver attire’s come back in style.

Calvin Klein is not the label you’d expect to bring back Beatnik poetry, but their new campaign begs to differ. Wilderness mystery is back in all its Western chic glory.  With new faces ready to introduce millennials to the wonder of dusty American rebellion, it looks like we’re in for an exciting fall.


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