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Desert-Inspired Luxury Is On Display In This New Cactus de Cartier Collection

Louis-François Cartier never ceases to amaze with his observant translation of plants, animals, and man-made objects into luxurious jewelry. It’s cliché to make such an assertion about an artist, but when it comes to a man and a brand like this the phrase is actually true. If you trace Cartier back through the centuries and review tome after tome of his exquisite gouache designs, you’ll soon see that he’s tackled nearly every theme through jewelry and outperformed fashion giants the world over every time. Given these wildly successful collections from the past, it’s no surprise the brand’s newest line of jewelry is turning heads and emptying pocketbooks in New York City this summer. What did the French company pick as their new subject? Prickly desert flora. Here are our favorite items from 2017’s Cactus de Cartier collection. Looks like your jewelry box is about to get a luxurious prick.

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This glorious piece of jewelry features 6 brilliant-cut diamonds atop its 18-carat gold base. Slip it between your fingers for a desert flower that says decadence like none other.

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It takes a lot to create berry-like blossoms out of yellow gold and lapis lazuli. As if that wasn’t enough, this bracelet also features 146 brilliant-cut diamonds. It’s sure to be a hit at any formal occasion.

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If gold isn’t cactus-like enough for you, try one of the emerald pieces from Cactus de Cartier. This bracelet mixes chrysoprases and carnelians with dozens of brilliant emeralds for a floral look that goes perfectly with 2017’s succulents trend.

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Maybe you prefer to drape desert-inspired decadence over your neck. If so, few pieces of jewelry do it better than this Cartier offering. Encrusted with 204 diamonds and plentiful emeralds, it makes sand-locked vegetation look like a king.

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Your earlobes can take on some of Cartier’s luxurious cactus designs too. These 18-carat earrings may be a little heavy for a long evening, but for short formal dinners they work like a charm.

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If green isn’t your cup of tea when it comes to luxury jewelry, settle for these orbs of pink jewels and magenta spinels. The scattered blossoms add a nice scarlet red touch. Just in time for fashion’s red takeover this fall.

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Subtlety can be a beautiful thing. If a big, brilliant necklace doesn’t fit your style, drape this minimalistic number over your neck. Touched with a hint of purple and 61 diamonds, it’s luxurious without announcing the fact too loud.

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More a signet ring than something of contemporary decadence, this piece from the Cactus de Cartier collection looks like an array of garden blossoms. It will look beautiful on one finger, an accent with proper pizzazz.

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Some combination of an ocean crustacean shell and spiraling cactus plant, these earrings will liven up your garb with their glistening curved design. The illusion of movement is an excellent trick that’s sure to catch the right people’s attention.

Who knew the cactus has such luxurious potential? It just goes to show you can’t discount any object when it comes to fashion. Only Cartier could bring out the best in prickly plants and up your accessory prowess in one fell swoop.


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