Brunch Fashion Made Over-Easy

Brunch fashion is just as important as the first Bloody Mary to revive you from a long Saturday night. It’s classy, it’s casual, and it’s sometimes the hardest occasion to dress for. We’ve compiled a list of ideas to help you choose the perfect outfit to make you excited about your brunch Instagram shoot.

Brunch Date


If you’re calling it a date, take the extra time to look styled and put-together. Although you may have gone out until 4am last night, it shouldn’t look like it.

For Her:

Try a crop top/midi skirt combination for a playful look. While the skirt can have stripes or a subtle print, let the crop top be simple. Play with pastels, no matter the season. Brunch fashion has a lighter vibe. It can be a tad darker for the winter if you’d like, but add some color to keep up with the morning rays.

For Him:

Hey, jeans always work, right? Of course, they do. Add some chukkas or ankles boots with neutral colors, a crisp button down, a dark accent with black sunglasses, and you’re dressed to impress.

Business Meeting Brunch


It sounds sacrilegious but brunch and business are sometimes forced to mix. Although, not as fun and bottomless mimosa with your friends, you can utilize this opportunity to try out some new outfits.

For Her:

A chic business brunch outfit is minimal and sleek. Try a bold sweater dress in a primary color or neutral. If it’s a bit chilly, add some texture and design with a soft wool scarf or cashmere wrap. It will be early, so get a big one and let it give your neck the illusion it’s still wrapped up snugly in bed. Finish off with some nice point-toe flats. Chic, simple, and professional.

For Him:

We said it once and we’ll say it again: “Hey, jeans always work, right? Of course, they do.” This time, for a business brunch, dress up your jeans by pairing them with a shirt and tie. Shoes will truly make or break this outfit. Select a stylish leather wingtip or dressy ankle boot that matches your belt. If you’re concerned about how your guests will receive jeans, substitute in khakis. Oxford sweater or thinly knit, crew-neck under a blazer will be a solid look, too.

Trendy Brunch

Thanksgiving Brunch Overhead Group Shot

Fashionistas/fashionistos out on the town in Paris, London, New York City, or any other major fashion hub makes for the trendiest of brunches. It’s time to step up your fashion game and flood Instagram with your awesome outfit and delicious food.

For Her:

For this trendy brunch, we encourage you to blend your nightlife look with some of your usual brunch outfit favorites. Sexy heels? Yes. Now is the time. Want to wear black to brunch? Do it this time around. It’s important to remember that you’re going for a chic look. Add chiffon and ruffled styles are perfect too. Pick your bag with complete disregard for functionality, as look as it looks flawless. Don’t be afraid to show some skin, but also don’t go overboard.

For Him:

Forget about the neutral tones we spoke of previously. It’s time to reveal some bold and trendy statements for this brunch. Do you have a patterned suit you’ve been waiting to showcase? It’s time to sport it. Been considering a sun hat? Wear six at once. Okay, we’re just kidding but take the reigns for this fashionable brunch and try some strong pieces in your trendy brunch outfit. White pants are popular right now and offer a blank canvas to dress around. Jewelry will also make a robust statement on top of an otherwise tame combination.

The Casual Brunch


You don’t want to stay in and cook, but that’s the sole reason you’re leaving the house. This is a casual weekend look is for a late morning meal with close friends or a your significant other.

For Her:

You can be simple and stylish with this casual brunch outfit. Slip on a pleated midi skirt in off white or muted green and throw on a simple blouse on top. Stop making that face! This look will always work if done well, and all it takes is a crisp skirt and clean shirt. You can even pull this look together on laundry day if you have to. A simple black or brown shoe will blend in perfect. You’ll look fashionable, but casual, precisely what the average brunch should be.

For Him:

The simple functionality of a polo shirt or a rolled up, long-sleeved linen shirt paired with jeans, shorts, or joggers will work perfectly. Pair your relaxed outfit with boat shoes or canvas sneakers for that laid back brunch vibe. Although, this brunch is casual, make sure you are well groomed. “Bed head” is a not a literal hair style.

Brunching at Home

Then there are times when brunch truly is you and your friends at home, in the kitchen, having a food fight with pancake batter. These people are your closest friends and there’s not much of a need to impress. Your fashion statements are best left for another day. However, you can still make some conscious style choices to keep you looking semi-decent for your friends. Try some indigo overalls and a basic long sleeve t-shirt. Add in some simple loafers for a comfortable shoe that is easy to slip on and off as you transition from bedroom to kitchen to backyard. Anything that you would wear for a casual BBQ will work for a home brunch party too.

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