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5 Ways Brooklyn Beckham Makes Men’s Fashion Look Like A Breeze

Brooklyn Beckham is the man of the hour when it comes to summer fashion. He’s everything we’d expect a scion from the Beckham household to be: sexy, stylish, and unafraid. In 4 months, he’s mastered every summery trend thrown his way, popularized some fashion hacks of his own, and transformed his persona from eldest child of David and Victoria Beckham to a fashion icon in his own right. The family must be so proud. So, fashionistos of all ages, what does the meteoric rise of Brooklyn Beckham mean for you? What do you think? Here’s a man you can turn to for relevant vintage tips and contemporary fashion advice. He’s rooted in 80s, 90s, and 00s style thanks to his parents and millennial trends due to, well, you know, his age. Heed the advice of this sartorial prince as you revamp your fall wardrobe. He’s got the background and style sense to go far.

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It’s pretty easy to do when your dad is the most stylish sports star ever and mom designs haute couture for a living. Brooklyn had the cream of the crop right at his fingertips when it came to style. Nowadays, he’s even grown enough to steal outfits from David’s wardrobe when the occasion calls for it. You probably don’t have access to a closet full of top-notch clothes like Brooklyn Beckham, but celebrity looks can still heavily influence how you dress. Find a favorite star and get to work assembling a wardrobe you know they’d approve of.

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Your travel attire should be excellent. From the shirt you shop in to your Friday night movie shoes, going out and about deserves a bit more respect than most of us attribute to it. Sure, you can still make your midnight trip to the liquor store in baggy sweatpants and shower slides, but beyond such extreme circumstances use your fashion sense. No one wants to see you wandering about like a slob. Copy Brooklyn Beckham and show those outsiders a little respect. After all, what better way to test out your new outfit than wearing it about town?

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Stop avoiding necklaces and bracelets. It’s time to embrace the tough guy persona and go big with some epic man jewelry. Keep in mind how many accessories you wear is not the point. To wear jewelry well, you must find precisely the right pieces to enhance your wardrobe. They can be simple like a silver chain-link necklace or excessive like an arm covered in dozens of small bracelets. If what you’re wearing is an extended expression of yourself, it will serve you well.

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Rom-com hair is back, gents. Time to impress the ladies with your clump of Heath Ledger locks. We’re partially kidding, but 90s hairdos really have seeped back into the styling pool and multiple beauticians are keeping them alive. Big hair is lingering around, so we might as well address it. If spiky tresses or hefty bangs are your hairstyle of choice, imitate Brooklyn and groom with purpose until your long hair stands out like a complementary accessory. We are so over tame hair at this point.

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Don’t let the seasons prevent you from being the fashionisto you aspire to. You’re old enough and smart enough to know what looks good on you no matter what the weather. If it means sweating a little extra in a jumper this summer, so be it. Need an extra fall layer you can easily remove to bear those handsome arms? Add one to your wardrobe. Brooklyn Beckham knows a true fashion icon controls their wardrobe even in the face of changing environments. Stick with him and never compromise your style due to inclement weather.

There he is, men. Brooklyn Beckham, the 18-year-old you should all envy. Maybe he’ll finally inspire you to revamp that wardrobe and get serious about dressing fashionably.


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