Brooke Shields Timeless

Brooke Shields Is Designing Her Own Clothing Line

You may know Brooke Shields best for her modeling and acting jobs, but she is now re-introducing herself to the world as a fashion designer. The star has partnered up with QVC to create an exclusive clothing line called Brooke Shields Timeless.

“I’m involved in every button, every zipper, every seam, every hem and every pocket,” the star told WWD. “The whole thing is initiated by an aesthetic I have, and working with the manufacturer and QVC themselves. They have a great deal of input. What’s been so refreshing is they [QVC and KBL Group International] have really consulted me on everything.”

The Brooke Shields Timeless collection will be revealed on air on February 15 at 7 PM EST. Then, the full collection will be launching on March 14 at 11 PM EST.

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Brooke explained that she has never launched a clothing line with another brand before because she didn’t feel like part of the process. “People just wanted me to stick my face on their aesthetic. They wanted a name more than they wanted the history and the legacy of it,” she said.

The star has a miles-long resumé that makes her a perfect candidate to create a fashion collection. Plus, she wants to see real women rocking her affordable and classic looks – which is where Brooke Shields Timeless was born.

“This has been a cumulative effort over the years on my part. Every show that I’ve ever done, every television show, every Broadway show, there’s a whole fit process and it doesn’t matter what you’re buying. You could be buying something off the rack at a discount store or you can be putting on haute couture of some famous designer. And they all can be tweaked and can look better,” Brooke shared with the publication.

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“It’s years of understanding that maybe I’m a little short-waisted, or maybe I’m long-waisted, or maybe I need a rise to be a little longer to bring your attention to my waist, my hips, whatever. The beauty of fitting these varied models is you watch these women of all sizes be able to not at all jeopardize their aesthetic or their look or line because it fits. It’s been such a revelation for me,” she added.

We can’t wait to see this collection shine!

You will be able to catch the star live on air doing presentations of her Brooke Shields Timeless collection for QVC in the next few weeks!

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