Bonpoint Makes Kid’s Fashion that Adults are Jealous of

Bonpoint children’s clothing will make you envy the wardrobe of a five-year-old. That’s right. This luxury children’s clothing brand debuted its new collection in Paris this week and the looks are stunning. For over 40 years, Bonpoint has been dressing the best-dressed kids and insisting that children’s fashion can rival what the adults wear. These kids are so well dressed you’d do well to take some fashion pointers from their adorable unisex slides and playful metallic baseball jackets. If you need some fresh fashion inspiration for the new year, have a look at these adorable outfits from the Bonpoint Paris runway.

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Many of us struggle to make our black and white outfits interesting. If this is you on a weekly basis, take a hint from these adorable outfits. Whether you’re wearing slacks or a dress, the key a chic black and white look is balance. Like these chic kids, you can use a black base piece to slim your figure and anchor your outfit, then add in some white around the sleeves and neckline. I can’t help but sense Jackie Kennedy in these two Bonpoint looks, so take that into consideration too. 2017 seems to be shaping up for a full-fledged 60s fashion renaissance.

Image Courtesy of Fashionista


There’s a lot going on with these two outfits and all of it makes total sense when you think about the fashion trends of 2016. Boho chic, the style that justifies wearing cardigans with skirts, was huge last year. If Bonpoint is on point in with their fall fashion predictions, Boho chic is will last through 2017 alive and well. You can even start looking for a big knit beanie that matches your festive sweater. Another fun element of this outfit is the sneakers. The best-dressed kids of the 21st century know a lot about sneakers and these metallic gold ones are proof sneaker chic is still a thing. You’d be wise to get savvy with your Boho chic and sneaker fashion this year.

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Greenery may be the Pantone color of the year for 2017, but by the fall this festive chartreuse will be replaced by a resurgence in black and white fashion. In Paris, Bonpoint expertly demonstrated how to blend these neutral shades in solids and patterns. These 60s-inspired school outfits use both shades in mixed prints, matching black-and-white polka-dotted sweater tops with red-and-black plaid bottoms. One of the models wears a backpack that reverses the sweater pattern, sporting black polka-dots against a white background. Basically, the big lesson to derive from these outfits is that you can blend squares and circles if they have a unifying color base. You might also want to keep an eye out for fur collars. It looks like they’ll be making a return this fall.

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Some tips for the guys this time. Children’s fashion is usually where you would turn for some casual office wear inspiration, but this look has plenty of semi-formal fashion tips up its sleeve. If you’re going out for a casual night on the town, plop a baseball cap on your head to round out your look. Baseball caps have been a staple of streetwear fashion for years, but they’re starting to work their way into more stylish settings. If you need some new ideas for what to wear to work, give sweater-vests and plaid trousers a chance. Opt for loose trousers and a vest that buttons down the front if you go this route. The details really do matter.

kid's fashion
Image Courtesy of Fashionista


Sometimes, a luxury children’s clothing line does make clothes for children that adults shouldn’t be trying to imitate. These English-inspired garden dresses are adorable, but they belong on children. These are the classic holiday morning dresses made for great pictures and kid’s festivities like school photos and grandpa’s birthday. Unless you’re so boho you can drop the ‘chic’, stick to the other looks on this list when you’re planning out your fall wardrobe.

You can learn a lot about fashion from kids fashion trends. Bonpoint isn’t playing around here. Let the best-dressed kids of Paris be your first inspirations as you build your fall wardrobe for 2017.


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