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Bonpoint Fall Fashion Will Make Your Child More Stylish Than You

January of 2017 is a long way off now, so it seems a reminder is in order. Back then, as we were just beginning to free ourselves from emoji clothing and kitten heels, the playful folks at Bonpoint headquarters gave us one of the year’s most rewarding fashion surprises at Paris’s Fall/Winter Couture Fashion Week. It wasn’t some decadent display of philosophy expressed through fashion like Maison Margiela at New York Fashion Week, nor was it models in fruity costumes as Charlotte Olympia used to highlight her footwear on the London runway. Bonpoint did something far more perfect, conjuring a wonder-filled autumnal world to showcase their latest collection of luxury childrenswear. It was like stepping into a Beatrix Potter book enhanced by vibrant handbags and smiling tots. Learn what you and your tiny tike should be wearing this fall through this little glimpse back at last winter’s Paris show.

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When you sense winter coming on this season, break out the sweaters and knit caps. You can also mess around with some tulle if the weather isn’t too chilly. If a get-up like this seems to classical for a contemporary snowfall, finish things off with metallic sneakers. It’s a little mismatched, but undeniably cute.

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You can get in the holiday spirit whenever you like with a simple checkered apron dress. It’s classic countryside attire with no couture auspices. Various other designers have been riffing on similar Americana fashion trends this season, so we’ll wager the fad isn’t a fluke. You’d be wise to hop on the bandwagon now.

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The rise of micro-fashion and luxury kid’s clothing has introduced professional style to young, pre-career couture fans. It’s a positive feat. Perhaps dressing with care so early will give the next generation savvy fashion sense. This layered outfit – plaid trousers, a sweater vest, and a trendy baseball cap – looks better than most grown men’s idea of business casual. It seems bigger is not always better when it comes to assembling a wardrobe.

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It’s impressive the difference a collar can make. Here, substituting lace for a stark snap-tab transforms a mod 60s uniform into Victorian attire. The contrast of a dress with black shirt and trousers helps the transformation too. Simply stated, you can pull off multiple eras of vintage in 2017’s nostalgia-saturated atmosphere.

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We’ve explained the fall season’s obsession with red many times, so you know to work it into your wardrobe come September. What you might have missed is the fashion world’s fascination with statements prints on footwear. The furry collar and tweed trousers on display here are nice, but they pale in comparison to the zebra-striped dress shoes. What print will you add to your collection this year? Leopard spots?

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Many of 2017’s fall haute couture collections were adamant that the summer trend toward vibrant colors must not be lost as fashion transitioned into fall mode. Bonpoint is of the same belief. You can wear bold yellows and light spring greens this winter without it looking as if you forgot to put away last season’s clothes. If your colorful outfits consist of stocking caps and wool jackets, this fusion of looks will work even better.

Adults can learn a lot from children. Little ones are capable of unexpected wisdom and, thanks to brands like Bonpoint, exceptional style. Borrow some advice from these trendy get-ups to keep you warm and stylish the rest of the year.


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