Dressing Boho Chic Without Looking Like Hipsters Stole Your Soul

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Can you dress boho chic without looking like hipsters stole your soul at Coachella? This is a big modern-day question. A new trend of hipster clothing is on the rise, and as the decade progresses, it becomes harder and harder to ignore boho chic style. If you care about fashion trends, you will eventually find yourself pondering brown velvet or cracked leather shoes asking, “What have I become?” When you give in, does it mean you will be labeled a reluctant hipster? There’s no need to inflate your commitment to trendy clothes into some Faustian surrender to hipster culture. Follow these boho chic tips to make sure your boho style says ‘stylish’ without screaming ‘poser.’

boho chic
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There has always been a slight difference between boho and vintage, but in recent years the gap has broadened. Boho has expanded from a re-imagining of vintage looks to new vintage-inspired outfits. An imitation suede fringe vest with not-so-traditional beaded trim is too complex to be carefree. This is when boho chic becomes a little pretentious. If you want to dress boho without falling into a hipster trap, trust in true vintage. Find a retro print dress or blouse at a local or online thrift store. If you want a little spice, add a simple belt. Boho clothing doesn’t need to be any more complex than that.

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The maxi skirt is essential to any boho wardrobe. If you don’t embrace this piece of clothing, boho style is probably not for you. However, if you are committed to being a boho anti-hipster, the question to consider is: what to wear with your maxi skirt. Graphic t-shirts and leather shoes are common choices, but they run the risk of planting you firmly in the hipster or grunge categories. The best options for steering a neutral course are style turtlenecks (yes, that’s a thing) and sweaters.

A turtleneck will give you an Edwardian or Victorian look, a liberating opportunity to experiment without having to live up fashion blogger standards. A sweater is the simpler option, warm and comfy with no aspirations toward anything more. Both are conservative looks, easy to move in and confidently removed from mall-manufactured boho chic and hipster clothing.

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Get to know the color brown. Boho style tends to use brown as a primary neutral on par with black and white. Imagine your favorite sleek black dress or pair of jeans. Those items in brown would probably fit into your boho chic wardrobe without a glitch. The funny thing about brown is that it isn’t quite as neutral as boho style pretends. Heavy browns infuse other colors with an earthy characteristic they might not inherently have. Because of this, you must be careful that the pieces you wear are diverse and lively enough to keep your boho outfit interesting. This is not a case of slipping into hipster territory, but preventing your outfit from becoming muddy and drab. Make sure to keep your boho style playfully colorful.

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Excessive baubles, bangles, and beads are some of the greatest sins of boho style. Boho chic is a simple look you don’t need to adorn. One distinctive copper necklace can easily transform a blouse and jeans into boho clothing. Clothing stores like to overcomplicate fashion trends, so you spend more money on their trendy clothes. The reality is you can spend a pretty penny on one or two jewelry pieces and be all set.

Slip on a maxi skirt, add a new accessory or two, and throw on a quality thrift store knit. That’s all it takes to become a boho chic fashionista. Don’t let the draws of hipster clothing and manufactured boho style trick you. Carefree and simple is how boho chic started. Adhere to these tips and you can keep it that way.



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