Bobbi Brown Evolution 18 Walmart

Bobbi Brown Launches Evolution 18 Wellness Products at Walmart

Makeup guru and cosmetics innovator Bobbi Brown recently left her eponymous cosmetics company, went back to school to become a certified health coach, and launched a beauty ingestibles brand called EVOLUTION 18 from her new company justBOBBI. The wellness brand is composed of tablets, powders, teas, vitamin gummies, and more nutrient-boosting products. And now, the line of natural beauty-boosting products has become even more accessible, because it just launched at Walmart!

“Bobbi Brown’s lifelong philosophy has always been that beauty, and confidence, starts with what you put inside your body,” the brand explained in a press release. “The launch of her beauty-inspired ingestible line, EVOLUTION 18 by Bobbi Brown, is a natural extension of her credo that beauty starts from the inside out, and a testament to her commitment to helping others live a holistic lifestyle. A recent graduate from the Integrative Institute of Nutrition, Bobbi has created these products to help women look like their most beautiful, and healthy, selves.”

Bobbi Brown Evolution 18 Walmart

Typically, wellness brands target luxury markets, but Bobbi Brown’s line will be more affordably priced between $10 and $20 per item. The superfoods, probiotics, vitamins, bloating treatments, and tons of other options are currently available on the shelves at over 1,500 Walmart stores nationwide, and online through

The decision to partner with a massive, bargain-driven company like Walmart was totally intentional on the brand’s part.

“I don’t care how much makeup you put on, if you don’t have your health and vitality, you’re not going to look pretty,” Brown told Forbes. “One of my missions is to help educate people that what they put in their body makes a difference. Now I have an opportunity to reach a whole new customer.”

You can shop quick-melting probiotic powders, collagen shots, antioxidant blend tablets, hair and nail growth gummy vitamins, hyaluronic acid tablets, protein powder, debloating beauty tea, and more from Evolution 18 at Walmart now.

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