Billie Shaving

Billie Is a Refreshing New Shaving Supply Subscription Service for Women

Sometimes, it feels amazing to shave your legs and reveal silky smooth skin. Other times, it’s quite liberating to embrace your natural body hair and just let it grow. The best thing part is that in 2018? Women have the freedom to choose exactly when, what, and if they’d like to shave. Now, there’s Billie, a new brand out there on the market encouraging females to proudly show off their body hair when they love it – and expertly shave it off to a satiny-smooth finish when they want to.

Billie Shaving

Billie is an online distributor of shaving supplies and body products, has the goal of selling high-quality beauty tools in a convenient subscription box service, all at a fair price and with inspiring and body-positive branding. “We have always said shaving is a choice—it’s your hair and no one should tell you what to do with it,” Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley shared in a press statement.

Billie Shaving

If you decide to shop a Billie subscription, you order a $9 starter pack that comes with a handle (which comes in your choice of three colors: Coral, Periwinkle Pop, or Cool Blue), two five-blade razors encased in 360° of aloe shave soap, and a magnetic holder for you to hang in your shower or bathroom.

Then, at the frequency you choose, the brand will send you four replacement blades with every further shipment, at the same affordable price point. You can adjust orders or skip them altogether any time you choose. There’s always free shipping and no additional fees involved, so you can feel confident there won’t be any surprises on your bill.

Billie Shaving

The brand also currently has three additional skincare products in its range, which you can add on to your standard shaving box at checkout. They are The Shave Cream ($8), Sudsy Body Wash ($9), and matte-finish Dry-Bye Body Lotion ($12). It’s optional to add them to your boxes, but Billie recommends them as an extra way to treat your skin to something luxurious.

Billie Shaving

Of course, having a convenient subscription box service means you’ll always be stocked up when you need supplies. But this brand is innovating beyond the razors and salves themselves.

Billie actually noticed that there hasn’t been a ladies razor commercial that shows any body hair – or its removal. Which makes women’s body hair seem too taboo for television – but also doesn’t showcase how effective the razors themselves actually are.

“For the past 100 years, razor brands have pretended body hair doesn’t exist. Commercials show razors gliding over smooth, hairless legs,” the brand shared across social media. “Strange, huh? Introducing Project Body Hair. A celebration of hair… wherever it is or isn’t. The campaign aims to normalize women’s body hair and reiterate that shaving your body is a choice.”

Press play on the video below to watch the Billie campaign in action.

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