These Are the Best Ugly Sweaters of All Time

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It’s the best time of year – ugly sweater season. This is the last week thrift store treasures and commercial failures are permissible in the office and on the street. The joy of ugly holiday sweaters is that for one month out of every year, bad fashion suddenly becomes cool. It’s like those horrible Halloween movies so bad they’re good. You don’t even have to celebrate Christmas to join in the fun! Just look at these atrociously beautiful examples. 

funny holiday sweater
Image Courtesy of uglychristmassweater

What can I say? At least these balls aren’t blue…

ugly christmas sweater
Image Courtesy of thegreenhead

This funny Christmas sweater has me wondering whether the red nose was the only reason all the other reindeers used to laugh and call him names…

Image Courtesy of stupid

Now that you have this lovely image etched in your brain, can you get him some damn toilet paper? Santa needs a gift every now and then too, ya know.

Image Courtesy of 80stees

The perfect way to finish off a year of 90s throwbacks. Pizza for the holidays, anyone?

Courtesy of Plucky’s

This is the DIY stick-what-ever-the-hell-you-want-on-it ugly Christmas sweater. Feel free to get creative and see what else you can pin on to yours.

Image Courtesy of Pinimg

We all love our grandma’s, but sometimes too much is just too much.

Image Courtesy of pinimg 

If you have holiday-related junk and glue, anything is possible. 

Image Courtesy of pinimg

Certainly not the best option for your work holiday party…

Image Courtesy of gearnova

In honor of Rogue One, you know you want to do it. 

ugly sweaters
Image Courtesy of redriderleglamps

Wouldn’t this be the perfect White Elephant gift for your office Secret Santa?

Image Courtesy of theuglysweatershop

Have you heard the legend of the Christmas sloth? Neither have I. Let’s start the myth together. 

Image Courtesy of pinimg

It doesn’t get much better than this. You’ll have Christmas carolers with you wherever you go and your belly will sparkle just like Rudolph’s nose!

Image Courtesy of theuglysweatershop

Someone was knitting a Christmas sweater. It was going so nicely. Suddenly they forgot what holiday it was and the tacky sweater got a large helping of turkey.

Image Courtesy of pinimg

Please don’t hug anyone…

Image Courtesy of theuglysweatershop

This year…Santa bares all.

Image Courtesy of Pinimg

Off with their heads! 

Image Courtesy of llwproductions

Just in case you didn’t notice, this is an ugly Christmas sweater.

Image Courtesy of nordstromimage

Grab this sweater by the…

Image Courtesy of pinimg

Nice to know things are all well and good at the North Pole…

Image Courtesy of theuglysweatershop

What would you do if cats with X-ray eyes burned all your Christmas presents?

Image Courtesy of pinimg

It’s a pity something ornate can look this frightfully ugly.

Image Courtesy of amazon

NEVER eat lime green snow.

ugly sweater
You can feel the holiday joy…

That time your mom decided to try knitting and needed a model for her Esty account. 

Image Courtesy of demandware

Screw the North Pole. Let’s have a Benihana Christmas.

Image Courtesy of asseenonsharktank

I give you Anne Boleyn, the snow woman.

Image Courtesy of fun

Stop everything. The Yeti is Santa Claus. Mystery solved.

Image Courtesy of Christmassweaters

Ugly sweaters are for any holiday!

Image Courtesy of Foodandwine

Have a haunted Gremlin Christmas!


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