The Best of London Fashion Week (So Far)

We had a blast at NYFW last week. There was so much to mock, it was nearly too much to handle. Just peruse Richard Magazine and you’ll find a wealth of commentary. How do you pass up a chance to roast Kanye or review a PornHub fashion show? Now, the fashion spotlight has moved to London. A whole slew of fashion lines are making their mark on Spring 2017 fashion. We may not have any pop star rants to share with you this time, (the British have a bit more sense and sophistication than we Americans) but we can tell you our favorite looks from the London runways. If sophistication is your thing, add these names to next spring’s wardrobe. Here’s the best of London Fashion Week (so far).

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The fit silhouette may be trendy, but Roksanda Ilincic’s new collection makes it chic too. Focusing on basic shapes and colors, the fashion line includes tailored jumpsuits and print dresses in cinnamon, pale pink, and burnished gold. It’s rare to find a designer who blends femininity and power with the subtle Roksanda seems to manage here. Whether a businesswoman in the office or a mother at the grocery store, you can wear these outfits and feel confident. It’s this versatility that ultimately sold us on Roksanda this year.

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Bolder and less cinnamon, Boss was exceptionally bright with this year’s designs. Jason Wu went loud and brave with his slip dresses, incorporating some fractured geometric patterns in with his vibrant blue, green, and red-orange color palette. Wu wasn’t just colorful. He was diverse. His patterns range from solid colors to floral-inspired dresses and blouses. It is easy to see spring ladies walking about in these fresh outfits and their vivid colors seem destined to become the staple hues of Spring 2017. Way to establish a trend, Mr. Wu.

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Christopher Bailey has outdone himself with this year’s collection and we are so pleased for him. Burberry abandoned their typical stadium-sized tent for a small Soho venue to showcase what is being heralded as Bailey’s best work yet. Referencing back to British history, the fashion line is populated with Elizabethan ruffs, brocades, cut velvets, and smoking jackets. The imaginative spirit infused in each piece has us swooning just a tad.

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This fashion company had some beautiful, flowing dresses to show off on the runway this year. Longer dresses really seem to be a popular choice for next spring’s semi-formal wardrobe. Yet, no matter how pleasing the Charlotte Olympia dresses were, what we really want to talk about is their shoes. Rather, how they demonstrated their shoes. The models dressed up as fruits. This wasn’t just a genius way to highlight footwear. Who doesn’t want to see models as fruits at a fashion show?

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Simple yet expansive, Jonathan Anderson’s dresses in London were tiered, flared treasures. Many were left to drape and dangle, creating a soft, natural feel. We liked his minimalism and keen eye for choice accessories. London had a lot of functional fashion lines this week, but Anderson seems to have achieved the best balance between wearable and couture. Nothing felt cheap or pretentious. For a fashion show, that’s a pretty significant feat.


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