Fashion Instagrams You Should Be Following

Fashion is a visual industry. We decide what to wear based on how it looks. We sacrifice ease for style daily. The more of a fashionista you are, the more familiar you are with this mindset. Fashion is also a personal industry. Yes, we are bombarded by brands trying to capture our attention and win our loyalty, but the ultimate decision is ours. How we like to dress, what we think looks good on us, and what we can afford. (The last point should matter more often. Just saying.) How do you learn the ins and outs of a visual, personal industry? Instagram, of course! You must be careful to follow the right bloggers and brands, but do your research and you’ll have dozens of fashion gurus at your fingertips. Here are my top eleven fashion Instagrams you should be following.

The Coveteur (@coveteur)

You get a double-dose of fashion fun with this trendy Instagram. Fill your day with hilarious quotes and an occasional peek into some of the world’s best closets.

Dannijo (@dannijo)

There’s food porn and then there’s jewelry porn. The best pieces may cost millions, but it’s free to ogle.

Miranda Kerr (@mirandakerr)

If you like to view your fashion with a dose of adorableness, then tag along with Miranda. Why stress over fashion when it can be this fun?

W Magazine (@wmagazine)

For a break from the casual, follow this artful account. Art, culture, and fashion collide here and the results are unlike anything else I’ve seen.

Cara Delevingne (@caradelevingne)

Cara bravely documents her daily life for the world to see on her personal Instagram. It’s like a photo documentary filled with great looks and everyday laughs.

Lauren Santo Domingo (@thelsd)

On the flipside, there’s Lauren. For a picture-perfect aesthetically flawless portrayal of the fashion world, the one we all dream of, tune in here.

ASOS (@asos)

They literally lay out detailed trendy outfits daily. ASOS is so hip they establish more trends than they follow. This is an account you can trust.

Nasty Gal (@nastygal)

How does a pizza backpack with “Beevus and Butthead” style cartoons sound? Even if you don’t aspire to be an alternative Cali-girl, these zany looks are magnetic.

Bryan Boy (@bryanboycom)

With Bryan, you get a colorful humanizing look at the fashion world through a male lens. It’s a unique perspective. Why not take it?

Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling)

The television star brings her playful, quirky style to everyday tasks on her Instagram. This offers a guaranteed smile rain or shine.

Eva Chen (@evachen212)

Hone in on fashion and beauty in the business world. Learn to dress a little wild for work! You’ll also get some first-hand knowledge about living fashionably in NYC.

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