Let’s Get to Know Bombshell Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid has been a top model since she started modeling in 2014. Though she originally moved to New York to study photography at the Parsons School of Design, school soon fell to the side as her career in modeling took off. After a breakout year in 2015 when she posed for the cover of Seventeen and was featured in Vogue Australia and Elle, Hadid rode her early success to victory in 2016. She won both the Fashion Los Angeles Award for Model of the Year and the GQ Men of the Year Model of the Year Award. Suddenly, she was no longer a new face in the industry.

Leaving her sister Gigi Hadid in the dust, Bella entered fashion show politics for good and the tabloids are reaping the benefits. Most recently, the conversation has centered on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Walking for the Dark Angel collection is her next runway and, as is usually the case with Victoria’s Secret, controversy is starting swirl. In light of recent interview and facts, let’s explore why Bella Hadid is the perfect choice for the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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Bella keeps her locks quite tame on most runways, but she does have hair to toss around sensually if she needs to. This is an essential for Victoria’s Secret angels. Seeing the hair down will be a new look for this fashion model, but there are a few shots to show us what we’re in store for. It’s some pretty exciting stuff.

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The simple-chic image Bella maintains fits right into the malleable features expected at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. I’m not saying the girl doesn’t have personality. She just has the ability to pull it back until she disappears into a sea of faces. Any good model should be able to do this. Perhaps the skill is a family trait. Gigi Hadid does anonymity very well too.

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Bella Hadid has a pile of experience up her sleeve. She’s modeled for magazines and walked dozens of runways in the last two years. Most recently, the star model worked with Christian Dior and recently signed a contract to model his makeup lines for the next few years. Having work personally with the best of the best, she’s ready to tackle some of the toughest work in the industry.

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This is where the classic Victoria’s Secret controversy comes into play. It’s common knowledge that models hoping to make the famous show must be unnaturally slim. Inhumanly slim. Bella is approaching such slimness. She claims this was accidental, the result of a diet plan more rigid than she initially thought. “I want boobs. I want my ass back.” The young model told People magazine. You’ve got to love fashion show politics.

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Victoria’s Secret angels encounter a lot of scrutiny. Their bodies are basically laid bare before thousands of viewers and critics. Questions about how they got there, the methods they used to look as thin as they do, and the bad example they set for young women are always lurking in the distance. Hadid’s knows how to stand her own in a roomful or inquisitive reporters. This skill will serve her well in the Victoria’s Secret Dark Angel collection dressing room.

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Youth is always an asset at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It’s the element that makes each show so popular and spirited. Hadid has youth while maintaining an aura of maturity not too common with fresh new modeling stars. Along with her sister Gigi, who will also be in this year’s Victoria’s Secret show, she’s poised to be one of the finest models to walk this runway yet. Will she be? I guess we’ll find out November 30th!

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