Beauty Looks from Miss Universe 2017

You could get your beauty advice from social media gurus, but why now try out the beauty looks from Miss Universe 2017? The Miss Universe contestants always have incredible beauty tips and tricks up their sleeve. They have to. There will inevitably be many women at Miss Universe who look impossibly pristine. Admire them and move on. You’re looking for something attainable and sexy. The best hair and makeup doesn’t take too much time and it’s manageable enough to do you some good. If you’re getting lost in over-the-top, multi-million-dollar looks, here are a few beauty looks from Miss Universe that won’t take hours or devour your wallet.

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There are plenty of reasons Iris Mittenaere clinched the 2017 Miss Universe crown. Her answers were adorable and confident, she got a voluptuous body, and her hair was on point. This is what bombshell waves should look like if your hair is longer than Marilyn Monroe’s. Comb it out until it’s big and soft, then let it fall gracefully over one shoulder. Think Keri Russell in the Americans. Let your wavy hair get nice and long. The waves will be more gentle and you’ll have a head of hair you can toss with confidence.

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Runner-up Raquel Pelissier had one of the best hair and makeup combinations of all the Miss Universe contestants. Her side-parted low ponytail outlined her face perfectly. If you have straight hair and need an easy way to sculpt it, try this side-part. It’s easy, quick, and all you need are a comb and a hair-tie. You can tuck bulkier earrings inside your side-part as well, making the jewelry more subtle. Pelissier may not have been the winner at this week’s ceremony, but her hair was arguably the best at the pageant.

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Andrea Bezdekova was a textbook lesson in how to highlight your makeup with your outfit. The Czech Republic contestant at Miss Universe 2017 wore a red skirt and flower-adorned top that made her bold red color pop. The rest of her hair and makeup were slightly grunge chic, her silky balayaged strands slightly tasseled as they hung down both sides of her face. If you want to highlight one key color in your makeup look, this is the way to do it. Keep everything casual and wear something that will make your statement color explode.

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When you wear a gaudy dress, you can go a little wild with your makeup. Each element of Connie Jiménez’s face ties into her elaborate dress. The speckles around her temple are shaped and shaded like the feathers of the bird on her dress. Her slightly purple eyes match the shade of the bird’s eye on her dress. Her hairdo is playful too. Her sleek, straight ponytail billows out of a tower wrapped with pieces of her own hair. The look feels playful and exotic. If you want to feel young and fancy, try these beauty techniques.

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While almost everyone else at Miss Universe 2017 was trying out contemporary beauty tips and tricks, Deshauna Barber opted for a more classic look. She let her curls fall and rest halfway down her shoulders and chose gentle makeup shades reminiscent of stars like Diana Ross. Her curls rivaled those of bombshell Mitteneare, proving some styles work in any era.

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A headdress is more like a full costume that sits on your head. Carolyn Carter wore this elaborate piece to the preliminary costume competition that started the pageant off. There’s probably very little, if any, of this look that would be wise to imitate in typical circumstances. The significance of it is more a question of whether the Ziegfeld headdress is going to make a comeback. If you think it might, maybe it’s time to start exercising those neck muscles a little more rigorously.

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Monyque Brooks took what Barber did and put her own short-haired spin on it. Vintage again, but with a 70s women’s rights vibe, this textured look oozed confidence and determination. The world could use some Liza Minnelli look-alikes. Copy Brooks use of bold red lip color and large earrings to master this approach to short hair.

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Norwegian model Christina Waage showed us that dressing up like Elsa can actually work. You don’t have to limit your princess love to children’s parties and trick-or-treating anymore. Have a close look at her makeup. Waage hints at the blue in her dress with pastel eyeshadow. Her pink lips keep the pastel theme alive. Then there’s her hair, proving that braided ponytails still work.

The stunning beauty looks of Miss Universe 2017 aren’t unattainable. Each of them has something worth trying out, maybe adding to your Friday night makeup routine. You may not be Miss Universe this time around, but you sure can get inspiration from the contestants’ success.


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