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Get Your Makeup Advice From These Beauty Boys

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Last year, the beauty industry recognized beauty boys in a big way. At just 17 years old, James Charles became the new face of CoverGirl.  This aspiring makeup artist was the first male CoverGirl spokesperson and one of the most revolutionary men in the beauty world in 2016. Soon, other beauty boys started popping up on social media. Check out these exceptional beauty gurus and their YouTube channels.

The sun and my skin having a conversation☀️️✨ Don't mind my hair, it looks like pubes.🙈 @bretmansvanity

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Bretman Rock

Bretman wins the award for raunchiest beauty boy. This funny guy may be new to makeup tutorials, but he sure knows how to put on a show. I suggest you keep your eyes on him. He has a bright future ahead.

Arabia Felix

Arabia Felix is a great guy to watch if you’re an aspiring drag queen or cosplay enthusiast. In his tutorials, you’ll learn to conceal your natural brows and tape your face. He even has a video to teach you how to add curls to your synthetic wig! Arabia’s talents are impressive. Trust him with all your beauty troubles.

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Manny Mua

Another industry pioneer, Manny was the first male ambassador for Maybelline. His tutorials are always clear and concise, even when tackling complex makeup techniques. Smart and relatable in all his product reviews and tutorials, you’d be wise to hop on the Manny bandwagon.

Patrick Starr

Patrick is fabulous and he’s not afraid to show it. His tutorials are filled with radiant joy. His knack for great visuals makes him fun to watch and super easy to follow. If you’re looking for a playful lesson in contouring your face, Patrick is your man. It’s also nice to see a proud, plus-sized guy in the beauty boys’ club.

Looking For Lewys

If you like makeup tutorials with a British accent, check out UK native, Lew. This beauty boy is the epitome of cute and quirky. His passionate videos aren’t perfect, but what they lack in precision they make up for in charm. If you’re a makeup beginner, this is the perfect account for you. Learn alongside someone you can relate to!

Alex Faction

Alex is a personable artist who excels at everything from Halloween makeup looks to bridal beauty. Technically, he is perfect. All of the approaches he teaches are accurate. He also has a unique take on product reviews, opting for product ‘discussions’ rather than solo reviews. If you want a beauty guru with a fresh twist, Alex is just the man for you.

Jake-Jamie Ward

Do you want to find a makeup look for the typical masculine man? Follow Jake-Jamie. The beauty boy recently went viral promoting just that style. His skin coverage looks so natural you barely know it’s there. Watch his videos to learn how he does it. Jake-Jamie will also show you what products to use so your makeup doesn’t cake up in your beard.

Jordan Liberty

Jordan is an eyeshadow expert. Have you ever unsuccessfully tried to paint a leopard lid or smoky eyes? This beauty guru will teach you how in just a few easy steps. He also has plenty of tips when it comes to mascara and eyeliner. Jordan may be more of a makeup artist than a beauty boy, but his craft was too good to leave off this list.

You can learn just as much about makeup from boys as you can from girls. Sit down with a beauty boy every now and then for a fresh perspective on the beauty industry. I promise they won’t disappoint.



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