Bad Blood Between Beauty Bloggers

Beauty blogger feuds are like the Jerry Springer Show of the beauty world. Youtube stars are fierce and when they have a disagreement it’s blown far out of proportion. These sassy beauty divas are rich, camera-ready, and not afraid to cause a media firestorm to get what they want. They tweet all the things we mutter under our breath when we get a bad brush or faulty product and because they have so many followers, the world listens. If you’ve ever suffered a makeup tragedy in silence, this list is for you. These are the most intense beauty blogger feuds of all time.


In April of 2016, beauty guru Jeffree Star received one of the first Kylie Cosmetic Lip Glosses in the mail. It should have been an exciting moment full of Instagram hearts and Facebook likes, but it took a nasty turn. The brush was frayed and Jeffree took the Twittersphere to voice his disappointment. “SO disappointed in this product,” emphasized Jeffree. “That wand is unacceptable.” Jeffree’s tweets eventually garnered a response from Kylie. A heart-felt apology to her fans and new brush applicators to anyone who received a faulty gloss. Joked Jeffree when the argument was all over: “How ironic that it took ME giving an honest review … to get @kyliecosmetics to make a statement…”

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Sometimes old friendships collapse into dramatic ruin. This was the sad tale of beauty gurus Kat Von D and Jeffree Star. This battle of beauty bloggers started as a casual dispute about money. Kat said Jeffree owed her friend money, Jeffree denied it, and the social media world watched as all the petty details exploded on the interwebs.

Basically, this was a bickering session of he-said, she-said, and to top it all off Kat posted on Facebook and YouTube her decision to “disassociate” herself from Jeffree due to his “negativity” and “inappropriate behavior.” Though we know the money eventually got paid, the fashionistas’ relationship is still up in the air. Jeffree did post a video praising Kat’s talent as a tattoo artist after the big showdown, though. Was this a sign of reconciliation? As is true with most social media feuds, it’s hard to know for sure.

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The CEO of Gerard Cosmetics, Jennifer Gerard, made a guest appearance on Manny Mua’s Snapchat in May of 2015. The two watch YouTubers give negative reviews of Gerard Cosmetics products. What started as a fun bit of vlogger teasing soon grew serious when Jennifer called vlogger Karina Kaboom “the ugliest person ever.” It’s never good to mock someone’s looks, especially not emphatically over social media. Shortly after this Snapchat hoopla Jaclyn Hill, a lipstick collaborator with Gerard Cosmetics, to end all ties with the brand in the name of conscience. She “felt like her morals were way more important.” Though it’s only a speculation, YouTube stars everywhere have decided the decision was a direct reaction to Jennifer’s cyber-bullying.



When Olympic swimmer and ping pong champion Matt Walsh tweeted a photo of beauty boy Manny Mua with the caption, “Dads, this is why you need to be there to raise your sons,” the social media world was appropriately stunned. Manny has been an instrumental member of the beauty boy trend and made leaps forward as the first male ambassador for Maybelline. However, the best part about this battle is the response from Manny’s father. Manny posted a screenshot of his father’s text on his beauty blog.  It ended the battle pretty quick.

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It seems Miss Kylie Jenner has a history of re-purposing beauty products and passing them off as her own. The fact that two beauty gurus called her out on imitating the products of other brands in new Kylie Cosmetics lines seems an eerie indication that all is not well and good in the Jenner corner of the beauty world. First, in May of 2016 beauty blogger Stephanie Nicole compared the new formula for Kylie’s liquid lipsticks with that of ColourPop, noting they were practically identical. Kylie denied the claim that she was sharing ColourPop’s formula. Then, in July Shannon Harris made a small stink about the dramatic similarities between her collaboration palette with BH Cosmetics and Jenner’s new eyeshadow palette. Jenner escaped unscathed both times, but the integrity of her makeup brand was somewhat on trial this year.



Devoted customer, Ciera Jewel, found a hair in the bottom of her Skin Frost highlighter pan from Jeffree Star. When she contacted customer service there was no response. Guess what followed. A twitter storm of he-said, she-said until Jeffree sent the customer a new highlighter and a refund. Later, Jeffree told he believed the real reason the customer found a hair was that it was actually a loose bristle from one of the packaging machines. Whatever it was, Jeffree resolved it. Case closed.

The world of Youtube stars and beauty bloggers is full of drama. What fun would a beauty blog be if all you got to do was post makeup tutorials and product reviews? We love watching beauty gurus battle it out in hashtags and videos. I haven’t used the word schadenfreude in a while. This seems an appropriate place.


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