Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things

Baskin-Robbins and Netflix Team Up on “Stranger Things” Ice Cream

This summer, you’re sure to crave something cold and sweet – and likely something a bit strange when Stranger Things returns for a new season on Netflix on July 4. Luckily, a bunch of major brands have been teaming up on the most mouth-watering show-themed release of the summer – a Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things ice cream collection!

Starting in June, Baskin-Robbins will have two Netflix-approved flavors of the month: Eleven’s Heaven and Upside Down Pralines. The Millie Bobby Brown-themed flavor is appropriately an all-out waffle adventure, featuring waffle cone-flavored ice cream with chocolate icing ribbon and chocolate-coated sugar cone pieces. The tribute to the Upside Down will also be a nutty and chocolatey delight, featuring tasty chocolate-caramel ribbon, chocolate ice cream, and praline pecans.

Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things

In addition to those special flavors, the Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things menu will also include some fun new menu items like the Elevenade FreezeUpside Down Sundae (with all its yummy toppings cleverly positioned on the bottom), Demogorgon Sundae (a waffle bowl sundae), and more.

Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things

Plus, you can take your snacking to the next level with a Byers’ House Light Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat, which is topped with fudge, Snickers ice cream, M&Ms Christmas lights, and more playful nods to the popular series.

The shop will also stock special 80s-themed Stranger Things merchandise, like T-shirts, stickers, magnets, cups, and other collectible pieces that super fans of the show will love!

Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things

You can pick up your own Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things sweet treats in stores for a limited time, starting this June 2019.

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