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Balmain’s Spring 2019 Collections Are Inspired By Michael Jackson

Today, June 25, 2018, marks the nine-year anniversary since the passing of Michael Jackson back in 2009. It just so happens that the Balmain Spring 2019 collection, presented at Men’s Paris Fashion Week, pays tribute to the legendary performer’s memory in an incredibly stylish fashion.

“For next spring, both the #BALMAINSS19 Men’s collection and the second offering of our Women’s Episode Collection build directly upon the incredible style, music and message of the artist who has been on auto-replay throughout my entire life: Michael Jackson,” Creative Director Olivier Rousteing said, via the Balmain Instagram account.

You can see the MJ style references everywhere in this runway collection: from 80s-inspired denim, striped suit jackets, sparkling sequined jumpers, and even black loafers paired with white socks, this line is all about celebrating those pieces only the artist could make his own. But besides the boundary-pushing garments themselves, the spirit behind Michael Jackson’s influence is also a driving force at work in this showcase.

“For me Michael Jackson’s music has always offered an uplifting celebratory message of hope and the possibility of needed changes,” the designer added. “During the same period that much of the fashion world focused on a vision of exclusivity for those who didn’t look like me, Jackson put forth a powerful and compelling alternative message of inclusion, based on breaking rules and pushing boundaries, as well as a healthy dose of anger at injustices.”

Not only is Rousteing inspired by the iconic discography and concert wardrobe of Michael Jackson, but he has added more touches of American pop culture to the French label’s latest showings.

“My love for his music has engendered a strong fascination with America — and that country’s unique culture that has always been mirrored in my moodboards, including those of this season,” Rousteing posted on Instagram. “But, while today at my #BALMAINSS19 Men’s and Women’s Episode show, you may easily spot riffs on Michael Jackson’s iconic wardrobe and other American signatures, what you are seeing is, first and foremost, a French offering.”

Luckily for the brand, red, white, and blue are the perfect trio of patriotic shades for capturing both vintage Americana and French pride!

To view the Balmain Spring 2019 menswear show, be sure to press play on the brand’s video below.

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