Balenciaga Spring 2018 Campaign

Balenciaga’s Spring 2018 Campaign Snags Inspiration from Paparazzi

We’re all familiar with the images: bag-in-face, mid-walk, hand shielding eyes from the cameras’ flashes. They are the paparazzi street photos that we usually associate with our favorite celebrities. But this imagery has been re-appropriated for the Balenciaga Spring 2018 campaign.

The images that comprise the designer label’s latest creative campaign look like a scene stripped from the tabloids. Models are spotted hopping out of their limos, flanked by security, and struggling to get to their destinations – all while wearing the hottest Balenciaga styles.

You may have seen stars like Bella HadidKim KardashianGigi Hadid, and zillions more caught in similar situations, but now it’s all part of an advertisement lookbook that feels right at home on our Instagram feeds.

Some of the images capture candid street style moments, while others are more active: we see models yelling at the cameramen, dodging reporters, and doing their best not to be spotted out on the town. Sure, they use their purses to shield their eyes from the chaos – but they just so happen to be some of the most crave-worthy totes and handbags of the year.

The campaign images were even photographed by Best Image France, a photo agency who frequently supplies us with straight-from-the-street style snaps and celebrity captures.

The Balenciaga Spring 2018 campaign isn’t the first subversive advertorial out there, or the first to make us question the difference between real ads and #InstaGirlApproved. But it certainly is a clever nod to our street style and celebrity news obsession

The entire Balenciaga Spring 2018 campaign collection is now available for pre-order on the brand’s website. Items will be available in stores starting on February 28.

Our advice? Have some fun mixing bold patterns with classic silhouettes. Just don’t get caught by the paparazzi’s ruthless lens!

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