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Check Out This Anniversary Collection From Baldi Home Jewels

Tuscany has always been a region rich in artistic expression and hand-crafted excellence. It’s famous for inspiring many a Roman artist and geniuses of all skills – wordsmiths, painters, sculptors, philosophers – have refreshed their minds in this expansive Italian territory. It is this illustrious tradition that started the Baldi family on their journey as interior designers. Though not founded until centuries after the grandeur of the Roman Empire, these craftsmen are still inspired by the tried-and-true methods of their ancestors. The tricks of times past haven’t lost their old magic. In 2017, they celebrate 150 years of business as one of Italy’s finest luxury interior design brands.

Baldi Home Jewels’ most famed forefather Vincenzo Consani embraced two aesthetic qualities beloved by the ancients. These principles were beauty and harmony. Consani always designed with the big picture in mind, integrating each element of beauty precisely so that the entire product functioned effectively and gracefully. This balance still plays a major role in Baldi designs today. You can feel it when you handle their products. You can feel the smoothness and ceremony drinking from a Baldi chalice or gazing at one of their chandeliers. These items evoke history, quality, and artistic intelligence. It’s an impressive feat.

It’s a big responsibility to sustain a 150-year legacy while remaining relevant in the modern market. Many companies have failed to maintain this balance, but Baldi successfully blends traditional manufacturing methods while using modern technology like 3-D scanning systems to make their process accurate and up-to-date. You can see the combination at work in their anniversary collection, which is on display here at a design show in Milan. They have perfectly captured the bridge between classic Italy and the modern world. Join our European team to learn more about the company’s new products and see their beautiful work.

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