Bagels are Not Just for Eating Anymore

Last Thursday was National Bagel Day and you should still be excited. Not only because every Monday morning deserves a bagel but because bagels are also one of the latest food-inspired fashion trends. If you think I’m joking, look around you. Bagel clothing is everywhere. You can find handbags sewn to look like bagels, bagel-inspired tights, and entire bagel-themed outfits. Some people even embed bagel-shaped discs underneath their skin. I’m hope you didn’t do something that extreme to celebrate National Bagel Day. Wearing the bagel clothing you never know what to do with would have been enough. If you want to keep celebrating with bagel-inspired clothing this week, here are some carb-themed pieces you should try out.

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These handmade earrings are an homage to the precious relationship between bagels and cream cheese. The design is pleasantly realistic. There’s nothing really fashionable about these two bagels, but what they lack in haute couture they make up in charm. It’s the perfect pair of jewelry for National Bagel Day or any day, really. If you work at a bakery, it’s almost too perfect.

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Food artist Ishara Jayakody understands how fashionable bagels are. In 2015, the Australian designer created a flattering sleeveless vest out of real, edible bagels. Four New York bagel shops donated about 400 bagels to Jayakody for the project. Since bagels make a crumbly “fabric,” the artist had to use a combination of acrylic, glue, twine, lacquer, and varnish to hold the pieces together. The vest debuted at the Select Art Fair on the back of model Rajiv Sharma. This particular bagel vest has long since gone to rot, but there’s now a design for the outfit. If you are this passionate about bagel fashion, grab 400 bagels and get to work.

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This bagel apron is inspired by the uniforms of Parisian waitresses. It’s the only bagel-themed outfit covered with dozens of different types of bagels. The design gives you pumpernickel brown, cream cheese white, cinnamon swirl, and sesame seed stippling. Each characteristic circle gives the apron a playful personality. This design proves bagel clothing isn’t just for National Bagel Day. In the right environment, bagel fashion can work year-round.

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Tights covered in bagels bear a striking resemblance to the leopard print. We saw plenty of leopard spots on the 2017 fashion runways in January. This piece of bagel clothing can be easily incorporated with a solid top and metallic sneakers for a stylish night out. That’s why you need this food fashion in your wardrobe. You can disguise it as something more haute couture. If you’re headed out tonight and want to accentuate the bagel motif, wear it with a bagel tee.

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You may accuse me of picking the least inspiring bagel t-shirt ever made, but hear me out. Quality over quantity. This simple classic bagel is minimal enough you can get away with this shirt in dozens of situations. Drape a button-down or jacket over top and suddenly it’s a food-inspired fashion statement. Is wearing a bagel really any worse than walking around in that Rolling Stones Lip and Tongue? Exactly.

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Sweatshirts with block photographs on the front are hot items. Blame it on Givenchy’s strange Bambi creation and the return of 90s grunge. If you want some bagel fashion that masquerades as a runway look, you’ve found it. Like the bagel tee, you can wear this on many different occasions. The only time you shouldn’t is for formal occasions. If you’re not an NYC fashionesta, this is also a fun way to bring New York City bagels to your city.

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Bagel-themed outfits come in all shapes and sizes. This beautiful gold necklace isn’t shaped like a bagel. It simply lets you declare your bagel love to the world. If bagels are your favorite food, let people know with this little trinket. Do you love bagels enough to spend $58 declaring your affections? It’s a tough decision. I know.

Bagels are worth celebrating. They fuel are passion for fashion, literally in every way. If you prefer your bagels in your belly, go enjoy some rainbow bagels at a local deli. Luckily, bagels themselves are upping their own fashion standards.


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