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Get Anti-Aging Tips From Eternally Youthful Celebrities

Some celebrities seem to never age. Even though they follow the same downward trajectory as everyone else when it comes to birthdays, added time doesn’t seem to affect them in any adverse way. Indeed, some of them look even better now than they did back in the early days of their career. That’s some impressive skill right there. You’d think Hollywood performers would accumulate faces covered in wrinkles from all the stress of intense film shoots and tabloid stories aimed to tarnish their reputations. There must be some skincare secret the best-looking women of the silver screen share when it comes to anti-aging creams and other youth-enhancing treatments. Piecing together interviews and other discussions with some of film’s finest faces, we’ve gathered a little insight to how these ladies endure the way they do. Listen closely for the key to regimens that could set your tired face back a decade or two.

jennifer aniston
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When it comes to anti-aging products, Aniston opts for simple routines. According to her, the best way to keep wrinkles and dark circles at bay is a consistent regimen of soap, water, moisturizer, and sunscreen. She says you should also check out radio frequency facials to keep your skin fresh and lifted.

julianne moore
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Harper’s Bazaar has nicknamed Moore a L’Orealista for her passionate use of L’Oréal’s facial products. She may be obsessed with the brand, but her dedication has produced impressive results. The actress really hasn’t aged a day since the middle of the career thanks to a combination of oil facials, day creams, and avocado-infused lotion.

rachel weisz
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An adamant advocate for all-natural beauty processes, Weisz has spoken out against Botox multiple times. Her main argument pertains to performers, but you’d be wise to heed her advice. Forgo the chemicals and surgeries and focus more on moisturizing, exfoliating, and never letting the sun bake you to a crisp. Keep the elements at bay and your face will keep its ruddy glow.

halle berry
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No one maintains glowing skin quite like the unmatchable Berry. This siren of an actress keeps her skin glistening by going a little heavy on the moisturizer and keeping her powder under control. She also makes good use of an Australian face spray designed to seal on makeup and refresh bare skin if it’s a bare face kind of day. Maybe you should work a soothing spritz into your routine.

julia roberts
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Roberts once joked to Ellen DeGeneres that her sparkling skin was the result of genetics. That may very well be true, but even a goddess like Julia must boost her good genes with some TLC. Her brand of choice is Lancôme, particularly their hydrating extract and healing mascara. Put those two products on your shopping list for next time.

charlize theron
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Aside from that terrifying turn in Monster, Theron has always emanated milky soft skin. Her secret is moisturizing. When discussing how she knows when to use product, the Hollywood star said moisturizer is especially important when you’re in a dry climate. It’s a simple enough point that many people forget. Know your surroundings. Compensating for an exhausting climate is one sure ticket to youthful radiance.

naomi watts
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One of Hollywood’s finest actresses who often flies under the radar, Watts preserves her youthful glow abiding by a strict sleep schedule and using soothing night cream every evening. Sometimes the best treatment you can have is one cream that puts your skin totally at rest. If your daily routine consists of traveling, short nights, and long hours in heavy makeup, it may be time for a serious end-of-day schedule rethink.

jessica alba
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Barely over 35, Alba is the youngest youthful celebrity on this list. Let her be a shining model for why you should start your anti-aging regimen early. Jessica depends on retinol to keep her skin bright and wrinkle-free. Whether you’re in your mid-20s or late 50s, it’s never a bad time to start thinking about your beauty future.

When celebrity ladies with skincare specialists on speed dial offer you anti-aging tips, you listen. Take these regimens to heart and build one of your own inspired by the diversity. There may not be a fountain of youth, but you can keep pesky wrinkles away for a nice long time.


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