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Anna Karina Basically Invented Street Style

Believe it or not, there was a time before street style. It existed in the vacuum before social media, when selfies took extensive set-up and you couldn’t filter your pictures on the spot. Back in the day, runway models and film stars were the lucky few who had access to dozens of cameras and people behind them distributing their photos across the globe. Obviously, in this context, there was no opportunity for everyday gurus to advertise their unique style combinations. Street style as we know it today rested on the shoulders of stars, many of whom abided by traditional ideas of fashion and beauty to maintain their comfy life and widespread popularity. It took the protégé of Coco Chanel, Hanne Karin Bayer, to kick off the fashion world’s obsession with street style looks. Here are the finest outfits Hanne Karin, dubbed Anna Karina by Coco, introduced to Paris in the 60s. Perhaps you’ll find something to your liking among her impressive contemporary get-ups.

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Not everyone can make decadent frills work in a day-to-day context, but you’ll never know if you don’t try. Try lining your sleeve cuffs and collar with a wider swath of lace than normal. The web-like fabric makes a perfect statement piece if you use it wisely.

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Grouping your hats, sunglasses, and other complementary pieces into one category can seem general, but it’s not as limiting as you’d think. Anna Karina truly nailed the idea that street style accessories aren’t so much about what as how. If you find something you like, odds are you can find a way to wear it well.

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Bella Hadid brought this classic number back to prominence via Instagram this year. Before the days of instafashion, Anna Karina worked her magic with a hobo chic cap and sexy cigarette. Match your battered hat with a textured coat for a look that’s guaranteed to keep you warm this winter.

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It’s coming back unexpectedly this fall and no one seems to know why. You don’t have to find one with nautical stripes like Anna did, but if you can, tailor your makeup to reflect the V-shaped contours of this style. It may seem subtle, but people will notice.

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Anna Karina mostly wore this schoolgirl skirt in the studio, but a few candid shots reveal that wasn’t always the case. One of her least fashion-forward outfits, you can still get mileage out of this get-up if you wear it sparingly. After all, who wants to wear a pantsuit to the office every day?

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Don’t settle for a plain duster when the cold weather sets in. With plaid back in the game, opt for a jacket with more flair than traditional gray or tan. Some fashionistas will tell you not to wear red until the holiday season, but red is going to be a major player this fall. You can afford to slip it on a little ahead of schedule.

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Hairbands are far more stylish than the 90s renaissance would have you think. If you need an accessory to pull back your hair, copy this bang-heavy Anna Karina look. It combines Flapper hair, mod-60s couture, and the girlish 90s into one concrete look. Now that’s impressive.

Anna Karina isn’t merely the daughter of street style, she created many of casual fashion’s most enduring outfits. Whether her wardrobe is returning or secretly never left, she is the true French muse of wearable couture. Any fashionista would be wise to follow her famous example.


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