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How To Make The Most Of Angelina Jolie Fashion

You may not be her biggest fan. Perhaps you’re still sour about the tragic end of Hollywood’s beloved Brangelina romance. Maybe Tomb Raider and Girl, Interrupted didn’t do much for you on the big screen. Whatever reasons you have for turning a blind eye to the polished Angelina Jolie, it’s time to get over those differences and embrace vintage fashion’s newest icon. That’s right. Just like Julia Roberts did for the 90s last year, Angelina is quickly becoming the poster girl for the return of Noughties fashion. It’s not what we expected. Even if we could have predicted 2000s trends would return so quickly, it would have been thanks to top models like Kate Moss and Gisele Bundchen. Jolie is a sophisticated dresser, but not a predictable go-to for lessons in 00s fashion. Nevertheless, here we are with Angelina taking the lead in clothing’s newest renaissance. Here’s how you can integrate her signature looks into your fall wardrobe.

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Angelina Jolie is even more in love with black than Coco Chanel. Whether on the red carpet or in a period piece, she always manages to craft something heavy in trendy ebony. Black hasn’t faded from the style spotlight yet, but you can still bring it back. Slip on the slimming color this upcoming season for a chic, somber look you can wear on any occasion.

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No one wore a tank top better than Jolie as the formidable Laura Croft. After everyone’s favorite tomb raider made her debut at the movies, dark tank tops became a big thing in casual fashion. Kiss those spaghetti straps from 90s goodbye. Angelina tank tops aren’t about flaunting your torso. They’re just supposed to be comfortable.

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Not all leather tops are emblems of teenage rebellion and army pilots. You can pull off a sleek-looking jacket with no trouble at all. As part of her efforts to expand what women felt comfortable wearing in the 2000s, Jolie made the petite leather jacket a force to be reckoned with. Zipped up over a dress or topping off your jeans and crop top outfit, leather deserves a special place in your Noughties wardrobe.

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Straps have always been a big part of Angelina’s wardrobe. They’re part of her tank tops and on many of her dresses. When you look at her various high-fashion looks throughout the 2000s, it should come as no surprise that mid-decade she became a pioneer of the one-shoulder dress. Time to add a few of these asymmetrical pieces to your wardrobe.

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Time and again, Jolie has worn a slim pair of pants coupled with a blazer on the red carpet. It’s feminist fashion at a haute couture best, blending feminine accessories like stilettos and glam jewelry with the simplicity of a masculine suit. In the era of pantsuits and fashionable trousers for women, this is an Angelina look you can’t afford to ignore.

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It’s the fabric cut heard round the world, that singular characteristic of Angelina Jolie style everyone knows at sight. You might as well call it the Jolie. When the movie star first slipped her beautiful leg through that side gap in her dress, she changed red carpet fashion and leg-exposing dresses forever. If you only imitate one trend from this list, let it be the slit dress.

Angelina Jolie fashion is a mixture of monochromatic minimalism and fashionable feminism. Though your 2000s-inspired wardrobe probably could benefit from a touch of Heidi Klum, Kate, or Gisele, we’re glad Jolie is the Noughties’ rising star. After all that trouble with Brad, she deserves a pick-me-up.


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