Amazing Compact Beauty Products from Stowaway

Stowaway is revolutionizing compact cosmetics. Founders Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson founded their company on the philosophy that “makeup should be designed to go wherever women go.” This means travel-friendly beauty products that don’t force you to go out and buy a bigger purse. Makeup for your gym bag should be a reasonable size. Big brands sell bulk cosmetics to make the highest profit. Really, it costs the same amount to make full-size products and handy-size products. Stowaway vows to cut out the middleman and distribute usefully-sized products at a reasonable price. Here are some of the brand’s innovative compact cosmetic options.

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If you want a quick sampling of Stowaway products, start with their basics kit. The kit comes with 6 quality items representing the best of the brand. You’ll get crème lipstick, cheek & lip rouge, beauty balm, creaseless concealer, eyeliner, and mascara. Their user-friendly website guides you through as you pick the right shade for each product. This kit is also a great example of how perfectly-sized Stowaway makeup is. Stick the kit in your purse and you’ll see what I mean. $95 may sound expensive for a basics kit, but you’re getting a lot of bang for your buck. Trust me, these products are worth the price.

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For those who get a kick out of lipstick, Stowaway offers various lipstick kits. This one lets you sample for out their signature lip shades. These bullets are brilliantly sized to fit neatly in one corner of your purse. If you’ve gone through the horrible panic of leaving your bulky lipstick in the wrong bag? With these perfectly-sized sticks, you won’t have to worry. There will always be a little nook for your favorite crème lip bullet.

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Some love lipstick. Others have a thing for rouge. If rouge is your preferred product, Double Duty is the kit for you. Stowaway’s rouges are made for both lips and cheeks, so you’ll save space in two ways. The three rouge pots in this kit are compact beauty products and they have a double function. If your mind isn’t blown yet, this rouge formula softens to a cream at body temperature, then dries to a matte finish. Rarely is rouge this wonderful.

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The tip of this eyeliner point is the size of a Q-tip. The formula is smooth and it works fast. They didn’t title this product ‘effortless’ for nothing. This eyeliner comes in two shades: Spice Brown and Jet Black. The two have slightly different textures, so give both a try if you want. When you’re working with makeup this portable one more stick in your purse is nothing to worry about.

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Eye art isn’t easy. That’s why you need kits like this. All About Eyes contains both Effortless Eyeliner shades, one Extreme Length Mascara, and one Defined Lash Mascara. This is the kind of kit you need when you’re planning your makeup for vacation. It’s travel-friendly beauty products brimming with possibility. You can do defined or you can try smudged. You’ve got all the tools for both!

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Everyone is chasing the elusive “I woke up like this” look. Simple, nude shades are all the rave in swimwear fashion and on spring runways. Even Kanye’s disastrous Spring 2017 show showcased the nude trend. These four portable makeup items will help you board the natural beauty train. Use Stowaway’s Champagne lip shade and Burnt Rose rouge to give your face a bright, everyday lift. Spice up your eyes, try a little extreme lash work, you’ll be ready to go. The best part? It’s all portable makeup you can easily take wherever you go.

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There’s something iconic about pink. Maybe it’s the effect. A little dash of pink can make anyone seem a little younger. Whatever it is, Stowaway gets the allure and has curated a kit featuring their best pink lipstick and rouge. This collection also contains Extreme Length Mascara and Effortless Eyeliner in Spice. If you still dream of ballerina glory or aspire to be Molly Ringwald, go ahead and order some Pretty In Pink.

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This set is just two eye products. Some Extreme Length Mascara and Effortless Eyeliner in Jet. There’s nothing wrong with rocking an eye look that’s simple. Stowaway’s mascara is specifically designed to lengthen your lashes and keep your face smudge-free. If you’re ready for some simple eye products that are easy to carry around, get this kit.

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There are extra goodies in this set. Tackle That Big Meeting contains Burnt Rose rouge and Crème Lipstick in Scarlet for the perfect, eye-popping office look. It also comes with a makeup pouch, Translucent Powder, and a Kabuki Brush. These three items haven’t made an appearance yet on this list. That’s because I’m saving some of the good stuff for you to uncover yourself. You need to explore Stowaway’s website and see what other treats are hiding there. They have a few everyday sets designed for special occasions like the office. If you like your daily makeup pre-curated, this might be your dream come true.

There’s a reason Stowaway is becoming an important name in compact cosmetics. They’ve eliminated the middleman to make portable makeup more accessible to you. If efficiency and beauty are important to you, join in the fun. Stowaway is eager to travel with you.


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