Any Woman Can Benefit From Amal Clooney Fashion

She’s one of the world’s most prolific human rights lawyers and still managed to find time to romance, date, and eventually, marry one of the sexiest actors in Hollywood. Either one of these feats would be admirable, but both are a stunning accomplishment. Amal certainly has some tricks up her sleeve. There’s also something to be said for Amal Clooney fashion. She’s not a fashionista in the traditional sense, but she’s a wonderful model for the chic everyday woman.  From casual afternoon frocks to glittering red carpet gowns, she gives women a manageable ideal to strive for when it comes to contemporary fashion. Here are some of her finest ensembles for you to reference as you make additions to your wardrobe this summer.

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It isn’t always easy to look good in layers. If you aren’t careful, your loose-fitting sweater and casual jeans will look more thrown together than subtly stylized. Take your cues from Amal Clooney fashion if you’re wary of looking too bland during your evening stroll. Her auburn riding boots and dark black beret pay homage to Paris without ever feeling too fancy.

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Pinstripes went out of style for a bit after the explosion of women’s office wear in the 80s, but it’s back now in more flattering cuts. This dark dress covered in white stripes proves the print is alive and well. No more padded shoulders or felt skirts though. In 2017, your pinstripes will be form-fitting. Paired with pumps and pearl earrings it’s a professional look that only spells success.

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Decorative denim is hard. If you wear it wrong, you’ll either look like an uninformed product of the 70s or some trashy transplant from the 00s. Don’t make that mistake when you put on your imitation bell-bottoms to finish off your vintage 70s chic outfit. Copy Amal Clooney fashion and go with a modern top and colorful jeans that bridge the gap between contemporary renaissance and retro design. It’s easy and will add a sense of playful spunk to your summer wardrobe.

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Grab a pair of sunglasses and slip them on with your favorite summer dress when you got out shopping. With the right pair of oversized glasses, you’ll look like a diva in all the right ways. This is one of those looks where Amal truly demonstrates what women with a typical salary can achieve by paying close attention to a few key details. Along with the glasses, find a dress with personality. This design pops because the pastel pink print stands out boldly against the black backdrop. Find something lively you can wear that has a similarly active effect.

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There were dozens of pink pantsuits on display on runways in New York, London, and Milan back in February. If you thought this iconic color was a little too bold to fit in with your wardrobe, think again. You can totally pull off a pink suit. Just keep it simple like Amal. There’s no reason to spoil a perfectly pink thing with dramatic florals.

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Blouses and ties are for the workplace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun while dressing for the office. With this slightly vintage ensemble, Amal hits all the right notes. There’s a pop of red, precise color lines, and a form-fitting structure that still gives her room to breathe. Keep all these things in mind if you’re looking for some chic office wear this summer. Your co-workers will appreciate it.

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No breakdown of Amal Clooney fashion would be complete without mention of her beautiful party gowns. Check out the taupe lace trim on this glistening white dress. It’s all about fancying up the simple things. If you can remember that, even the blandest dress is full of possibilities.

Amal Clooney fashion isn’t outrageous or over-the-top glamorous. It’s just an intelligent use of money and style. With a trained eye and some smart shopping trips, you can follow in her footsteps. Take a stab this summer and see what you come up with.


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