Altuzarra Resort 2020

See the 1970s Inspiration in the Altuzarra Resort 2020 Lookbook

The groovy 1970s are back in big way in the Altuzarra Resort 2020 collection, a line whose brand new lookbook is as fantastical as the garments themselves. Fashion designer Joseph Altuzarra‘s latest collection is filled with colorful and nostalgic retro nods, both in bold pattern and silhouette. The photo shoot images for the season showcase how surprisingly wearable these whimsical looks are.

Key pieces in the season’s offerings include flared pants, prairie and handkerchief dresses, wrap skirts, cropped knits, and Western-inspired outerwear. Plus, there’s plenty of fringe, strategic color-blocking, and bright chevron stripes to ignite your throwback-themed style sensibilities.

Altuzarra Resort 2020

To bring this series of vintage references to life, the designer drew inspiration from the 1977 film by Robert Altman, 3 Women, according to a WWD report. Typically, Altuzarra pieces are defined by their polish and sophistication – here, the designer proved you can also add fun references to the most chic pieces.

Click through the gallery below to view photos from the Altuzarra Resort 2020 collection lookbook.

Altuzarra Resort 2020 Altuzarra Resort 2020
Altuzarra Resort 2020 Altuzarra Resort 2020

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All images via Pamella Roland


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