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Aloe Vera Concoctions That Will Make Your Acne Disappear

Aloe vera is kind of like magic. It chases away bacteria, reduces inflammation, and boosts your collagens with healthy doses of vitamin C and Zinc. As an antioxidant and natural astringent, it also works hard on top of your skin to clear away dirt and dead skin cells keeping things smoothing and clear so your damaged skin can heal. Basically, a nice helping of aloe vera in your morning smoothie or smeared across your face at night could be the best decision you ever made, particularly if you’re plagued with unflattering acne. So, what are you waiting for? Seize this healing substance today and get to work rejuvenating those skin cells. If you’re not sure where to start with the whole process, no need to worry. Here are some proven concoctions and techniques to help you take full advantage of nature’s gift to your acne-ridden complexion. Time to let the healing begin!

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Your aloe vera treatment can be incredibly simple at first. All you need is gel from the leaf or a simple store-bought juice. After that, mix in a little water and you’ve got yourself a healing concoction that treats acne and heals any lingering scars.

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Adding a little lemon juice to your aloe vera mixture will boost its overall effect. You’ll get rid of those pesky pimples and feel your face brighten up in just a matter of hours. If lemons aren’t your thing, try grapefruit juice or a whipped egg white.

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Sour things will dry away the oily grossness coating your skin. It takes a little something extra, to moisturize your skin after the fact. Honey contains anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and antibiotic properties. Blend it with your aloe gel to make a sweet, refreshing moisturizer.

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One of the finest all-in-one facials you can mix up in the kitchen, milk and sugar will brighten, moisturize, and soothe while boosting your cell turnover. Sugar even locks moisture in to keep your cheeks ruddy throughout those grating daily activities.

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You’re probably wondering what on earth a calendula tincture is. Basically, it’s a medicine made from the healing nectar of a Calendula flower, the blossom you know as a marigold. Famous for treating oiliness and inflammation, blending this natural ingredient with aloe vera is an excellent recipe for soothing and eventually obliterating your acne.

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We’ve said it more than once. Oatmeal isn’t merely a hearty breakfast food. It has strong healing capabilities in the skincare realm. A mixture of oat flakes and aloe vera will serve you surprisingly well as both an anti-acne cream and anti-aging treatment.

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Apple cider vinegar contains hydroxy acids which exfoliate dead skin cells with impressive speed. Blend the hard-working substance with a soothing sprig of aloe vera if your lemon skincare concoction can’t muster enough healing strength.

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We’re fast approaching the Pumpkin Spice time of year when everyone keeps at least a dash of cinnamon around the house. Take advantage of your holiday pantry this year and combine some antibacterial cinnamon with your trusty aloe vera gel. It will dry out acne and improve the blood and oxygen supply to your skin.

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It’s probably the last vegetable you’d expect to find on a skincare shopping list, but cabbage sulfur is an instrumental ingredient when fighting off facial bacteria. This superfood is also rich in vitamin C, a superb substance for improving the glow on your skin. Add a spoonful to your aloe concoction and let the magic happen.

Aloe vera is a force to be reckoned with. Use it alone or paired with a powerful partner to get your complexion up to snuff. It only takes one good trip to the grocery store to fill your pantry with an arsenal of skincare options. Get busy and find which concoction works best for you.



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