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Adidas Originals Creates a Marble Basketball Court for Alexander Wang

If you play basketball, you have likely spent a decent chunk of your time daydreaming about all the custom gear you would love to rock. Your ultimate limited edition sneakers, perhaps. A luxury jersey emblazoned with your lucky team number. Or your own basketball court made out of sparkling black marble. Thanks to Adidas Originals, designer Alexander Wang got to see what the latter is like in real life!

For his event at the NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles, Adidas built their collaborator a special space right in the middle of the city. Both the backboard and the sleek marble court floor are decorated with the brands’ dual logo – AKA, one of the hottest fashion collabs in town.

The designer showed off his custom-made space on his personal Instagram account, clearly as impressed with the design as we are. Who wouldn’t want to play a pick-up game here?

The ongoing love between these brands is real. Most recently, Alexander Wang personally starred alongside some of the fashion, sports, and film industry’s hottest influencers in Adidas’ “Calling All Creators” short film. Plus, two seasons worth of athletic wear collabs have been an incredible success.

For updates on future Alexander Wang Adidas collaborations, be sure to keep an eye on the brands’ shopping website. Their trending kicks are always an instant sell-out, and you’ll want to get to them first!

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Image via Alexander Wang Instagram


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