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Alexa Chung Relaunches Her Villoid App As a Shopping Destination

Alexa Chung is the latest star to combine online shopping with fashion-forward technology. The fashionista has just re-launched Villoid, a styleboard app she first unveiled in 2015. Now, the web destination has gone beyond an inspiration board to become a full-fledged virtual marketplace where fans can shop looks straight from their favorite style gurus.

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In her personal Villoid shop, Alexa is curating some of her favorite style pieces of the moment. Not only can you snag fashion credits for what she is wearing in her popular Instagram photos, but you can directly shop her exact garments with ease.

“This is just a start but I hope to fill it with all my top picks to titillate your eyeballs and furnish your wardrobe with,” Alexa shared on her page. “Snoop, browse, buy, spy. Do whatever you want but I hope you like it! We’re open 24/7!”

Alexa Chung VilloidImage Source

Alexa has also personally picked out which other fashion influencers will be able to sell curated shopping lists through her app.

“Some of the girls are best pals, some are people I not-so-secretly stalk on Instagram, and some are people that the Villoid gang have put on my radar,” Alexa shared about her selections. “I’m obviously looking forward to seeing IRL mates like Pixie Geldof and Poppy Delevingne, but I also reckon you should keep an eye on Naomi Shimada and Villoid veteran Paulina Ruiz.”

“So many people deeply care about clothes! I knew I did, but there’s a huge Villoid community of style freaks out there,” she added, “It’s been amazing to watch how they’ve used our app and hopefully we’ve been able to adapt and respond to their demands.”

You can visit the Alexa Chung Villoid page now to find your next biggest fashion obsession!

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