AI hair color tool

This AI Hair Color Tool Is Transforming Haircare Tech

Hair dye is a volatile treatment that has the potential to go terribly wrong. The journey from picture on a box to fresh new look is often a difficult one. That’s if you get everything right. If you falter, you’ll be stuck with sickly greenish hair reeking of ammonia for days. The perils of DIY hair dye have been around for decades, but they never deter people from trying to save money with at-home kits. Capitalizing on this iffy off-shoot of the beauty industry, tech developers at Madison Reed are working to create an AI hair color tool that will cater hair dyes to individual customer specifications. Thanks to this latest invention from the masterminds of haircare technology, your days of hair dye woe may soon be over.

AI hair color tool
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When re-inventing the hair dye process, experts at Madison Reed focused on feedback from women across the globe. As might be expected, their task quickly became more about accurate dyes shades than the application process. A lot of work went into re-thinking classic dye ingredients. That ammonia oder needed to go. So did gluten, to make the product useful for a wider audience. When it came to brainstorming ways to reach more potential clients, Madison Reed turned to technology. Their new AI hair color tool would be equipped with a live chat feature so people with all levels of coloring experience could engage with professional colorists at a moment’s notice. If the dying process got out of hand, a quick message was all it took to get back on track. With the new tool, no one will need to brave an at-home coloring alone again.

AI hair color tool
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Hair dye purchases have long been based on 2D pictures and educated guesses. Before virtual technology, the best you could do was imagine a look and hope it worked. With an AI hair color tool, you can choose your hair dye more accurately. When you open the app, it asks you a variety of questions about your hair. Once you answer, all that data is run through a detailed algorithm to help find products that will highlight your individual hair type. Over time, keep updating your information so the system can keep up with the evolution of your hair.

That’s the best things about this AI hair color tool. It’s always getting better. Soon, developers hope you won’t need to spend time filling out a detailed questionnaire. New versions of the app allow you to upload a selfie to Madi, the mobile chatbot. From just one image, Madi can analyze your hair and find customized products. Whenever it wants new information, you’ll get a little text message prompting you for additional details.

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AI is gradually becoming the tutorial tool of choice for beauty gurus all over the globe. We’re familiar with conversational advice now thanks to online gurus and YouTube channels. Soon, AI advice will take these conversation one step further. This AI hair color tool seems especially conscious of the current fashion beauty industry. Embracing both practicality and personalization, it makes the hair dye process simpler and provides constant, on-demand advice. Virtual reality may be all the rage, but don’t forget AI. Visualizing what different clothing combinations and makeup styles is only half the struggle. AI tools are the ones who will really give you useful information you can apply in your everyday routines.

Whether you’ve been dying your hair for years or are trying it for the first time, an AI hair color tool will come in handy. Taking the AI idea one step further for fashion beauty tech, Madison Reed may well have sparked the next big thing in haircare technology.


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