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Upgrade Your Winter Skincare Routine with Aesthetician Joanna Czech’s Recommendations

When was the last time you pampered your skin with a luxurious facial? Or, did you take the start of New Year 2018 as an opportunity to update your medicine cabinet full of skincare products? If your new skincare routine is way overdue, and your winter skin is giving you tons of issues, we have a feeling that aesthetician and celebrity facialist Joanna Czech‘s product recommendations will be a great place to start.

“The night routine is very important. Skin is about 60 percent more potent to absorb everything during the night… It’s skin rejuvenation time,” Joanna shared. “I almost don’t worry about what my clients do in the morning! I have different cleansers for depending on how my skin feels. Could be Cleansing Facial Oil by La Mer, which is one of my favorites. Could be Lait VIP 02 by Biologique, or their micellar water, which I often mix with another cleanser. I look for gentleness, and I prefer oil. After that, I use my pH controlling toner by Biologique, P50 W, the mildest one. It’s a micro-exfoliator, but it also balances your skin’s pH. People don’t think about toning, but I do it every night.”

So what does Joanna recommend as the ideal nighttime skincare routine?

“Washing your face at night, though not necessarily with scrubs. I don’t love using scrubs. If anything, I recommend mixing it with your cleanser so that it is slightly milder,” she explained. “Main skincare should happen at nighttime. So obviously, start with cleanser at night—my go-to is usually milky, oily, or maybe even a balm. Then Biologique Recherche P50 lotion, which I would follow with whatever serums you need based on what problems you want to address, and then you follow with your proper moisturizer.”

“For the winter time, it’s very important that you have exactly the same routine during the day, but for the daytime try putting on richer, more oil-based creams,” she added. “Just using oil alone could be super dehydrating, because that’s what it is—oil dissolves oil. It is fantastic for all skin conditions, but after your oil, you need to follow with some form of moisture to seal that water.”

The Dallas, Texas-based Joanna Czech studio services include facials, waxing, brows, and more. But you can also shop many of Joanna’s personal favorite at-home skincare picks via her brand’s website.

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