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Model Adriana Lima Is the New Puma Ambassador

Chances are, you have seen Adriana Lima strutting a glamorous runway or fronting a high-fashion style campaign. After all, the 37-year-old Brazilian supermodel has been a popular Victoria’s Secret model since the 90s – and is still one of the top 10 working models in the industry. Now, the star wants to show off a different side of herself – which is why she’s excited to be announced as the latest Puma ambassador. Her debut Adriana Lima Puma campaign is all about embracing women’s grace and confidence.

“Supporting, encouraging and empowering women is important to me; this is one of the reasons I wanted to partner with Puma,” Lima shared in a press statement.

“They’ve worked so hard to encourage women to be themselves and to show them that by working hard, you can accomplish anything,” she added. “People have seen me on runways and magazine covers – with this new partnership with Puma, I want to share my personal training journey and what it takes for me to achieve a healthy balanced life.”

“Adriana Lima is a fantastic mom, a role model to millions and a real badass. If you’ve never seen her train, you are missing out,” Puma added in a statement. “How else would she stay in shape to headline those fashion shows? It’s thanks to her relentless and hardcore training regimen. From runway to gym, from high fashion to sports — she is the real deal.”

As part of her campaign, the model wants to share more than ever about her favorite workout routines – like boxing! –and the personal philosophy she holds about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Adriana Lima Puma

“I work out because it is a lifestyle and regardless of my job, I would be at the gym whether I had my career or not,” Lima told Glamour UK. “To be in the gym consistently, not giving up on the goals you want to achieve, gives you a lot of mind power. I am very athletic, I have an athletic mindset so I am passionate about working out and fitness.”

“Boxing is my favorite workout and even though I have been doing it for so long, every day there is something new, and the new challenges make sure it is never easy,” she added. “Consistency and intensity is something that is always with me and it make you learn so much about yourself and your body, too. Boxing is a sport that improved my strength both physically and mentally. It’s challenging every day to do certain movements and exercises. That plays off your mind, not just your body.”

Adriana Lima Puma

“I have been a fan of Puma for many years because of how they represent women, what they stand for and how they inspire women by providing apparel and shoes so they can reach their own goals in a fashion forward way,” she added.

The latest crop of leggings, sports bras, logo tees, and more are indeed the embodiment of some of the hottest activewear trends around.

Adriana Lima Puma

Lima is joining quite the star-studded Puma family with this new partnership: the brand currently boasts Selena Gomez and Cara Delevingne among its top campaign ambassadors. We look forward to seeing even more from the Adriana Lima Puma partnership in seasons to come!

Adriana Lima Puma

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