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2017 Is Obsessed With Adidas Superstars

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As mixed as your feelings may be about the whole athleisure thing, sneakers are taking the tarmac by storm this summer. Everyone is ditching high-heeled sandals for comfy flat-soled shoes you can wear the gym or a party. It’s a weird phenomenon. After all the attention you’ve paid for years, footwear fashion is suddenly making it super easy to get away with the bare minimum. As long as you’re washing those white sneakers, it’s more obvious than ever that buying excessive amounts of heels is a poor choice of how to spend your money. Stop struggling to live everyday life in unmanageable heels. Pick a pair of sneakers you feel good in and let them be your footwear of choice this summer. To help you understand just how acceptable this casual shift is, here are some celebrities rocking the Adidas Superstar like nobody’s business. 

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A simple dress and oversized sunglasses will do wonders for your summer style. Riff on the several shades of white theme like Kylie Jenner. Her gray dress here helps make those sneakers pop. Another lesson to be learned from this outfit is how to match your handbag. If it doesn’t correlate to the colors in your wardrobe, use it to complement your skin tone.

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When your sneakers have black stripes, take advantage of it. Black is the easiest athleisure color to find and it can be a subtle tool that helps you mix athletic wear with more conventional fashion pieces. Take this look from Bella Hadid for example. Though she’s wearing nylon leggings and sneakers, the overall feeling is chic thanks to a designer bag and thin turtleneck sweater. 

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Proving sneakers will go with just about anything in 2017, this look from singer Lorde would have been accompanied by black flats or high heels any decade before the 2010s. In athleisure-obsessed society, it’s a sneaker wearer signature. Notice how effectively the bright white shoes highlight Lorde’s light pink skin.

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There’s unexpected sneaker fashion and predictable athletic looks. This is one of the latter. When combined with ripped jeans and a designer hoodie, Adidas Superstars really make an outfit feel complete. There’s no question this is a look you can pull off this summer.

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Those Hadids have a thing for black outfits with white sneakers. While Bella’s look coaxed out the dark stripes on her shoes, Gigi uses these sneakers purely as a statement piece. They break the expectation set up by the rest of her ensemble and demonstrate that shoes can be great accent pieces if you let them.

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Sneakers with dresses never used to be fashionable, but these days more and more celebrities are trying to change that. In this smart party look, Rita Ora takes the side stripes on her sneakers and rearranges them into a different pattern for her dress. Different areas of white give the whole look character and make both dress and shoes pop together. Echo your sneakers throughout the rest of your outfit. The more design elements you can reinvent, the better. 

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It’s fitting to end on a trendy note. As we move into an Aughts renaissance, velour tracksuits are coming back. With them are the white athletic sneakers you’ve been seeing everywhere. In some ways, the Adidas Superstar is elitist workout fashion made for the everyday person. Athleisure isn’t just for the stars anymore.

Now it’s your turn. Investigate which of your favorite outfits could work with some Adidas Superstars and give each combination a try. Trust your weary feet. Any excuse to get out of wearing heels is well worth it.


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