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8 Celebrities Who Are Rocking 2000s Miniskirts

The 2000s are back by way of the 60s and it’s time your wardrobe reflected their return. It’s not a difficult task. You know those slip dresses can come out from storage and any carpenter jeans lingering in your closet need to be burned tonight. Yet, as exciting as these classic pieces are, there’s one vintage outfit from the 00s that towers above the rest thanks to a compelling vintage status. That’s the miniskirt, everyone’s favorite thigh-high attire which shows off sexy legs like nobody’s business. So yes, you should dig up those hip little skirts you used to wear way back when and get back in the swing of flaunting those legs. Curious just how to maximize the appeal of your reinvented miniskirt? Look to the stars for guidance. Hollywood is always full of expert examples, especially when it comes to those wonderful 90s.

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For Kerr, rediscovering the 90s meant a leather miniskirt with a fine, cut-out fringe design and punkish overtones. To tie in with more modern trends, she topped the ensemble off with a busy floral print feature some classic Louis Vuitton prints.

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Bella started the whole miniskirt craze with this fan-like item. Those subtle buckles and the skirt’s slightly high waistline give it some serious mod 60s vibes. If you’re a fan of very vintage styles, hop aboard the Hadid train pronto.

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This look adds a third decade into the mix by using metallic material reminiscent of that futuristic craze in the 70s. It’s a great little summer skirt for trendy brunches or an evening out in town. You can even pull it off in fall if you have warm leggings to boot.

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Tinsel and tassels are staple 70s adornments. Add some fray and grunge to the mix and you’ve got early 2000s garb to a tee. That’s how Stewart wears her miniskirts, high with a touch of rough rebellious edges.

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When you’re toying with 90s and 00s fashion, sooner or later denim is going to make an appearance. At least the modern jean skirt is taking on more favorable designs in 2017 than it did back in the 90s. Here’s a nice example from star actress Gomez.

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Pencil skirts and school uniform attire has been around for a long time. When Britney burst out wearing it in the 90s, suddenly the innocent look became sexy and bold. Today, it’s outgrown those sensual to be a couture piece stars wear out and about. Just look at this indigo design on Sevigny.

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Embracing the slightly trashy side of 00s fashion, this tattered jean skirt rides so high a long button-down will stick out beneath if you tuck it far enough down. This is definitely one of those awkward looks left over from the 90s. We’re not quite sure why it works, but it does.

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After the denim takeover of the 90s, different colors seeped into jean style. The 00s were particularly interested in black denim with distinct white hemlines. Few trousers short of carpenter jeans personify the awkward yet bold character of 00s fashion.

Be a part of the return of miniskirts. All it takes is a thigh-high skirt and plenty of bare legs and charm. Don’t hide your legs this summer. Grab a skirt and let the flaunting begin.



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