Retro Revival: 70s Fashion Trends

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Let’s keep this retro revival going, fashion people. This iconic decade of the 70s embraced freedom and simplicity. It has returned to the fashion stage in recent years. It comes with many of the old styles and colors that used to crowd the wardrobes of flower children. This is good news for you, hungry fashion shoppers and enthusiasts. There are probably a few things in your closest (or a relative’s) that will fit well and cost you little to nothing. Outfits centered around 70s fashion trends are fairly easy to assemble.

The aesthetic is rooted in nature and individuality. If you like to display personality, go ahead and buy a fun, new splash of color to your close. Fans of a more traditional, monochromatic palette can embrace the shades and hues of the 70s fashion trends. And don’t forget texture! Try to save money and shop at thrift shops and charity stores. Assembling a 70s look can be cheap. Just stick to these defining details and you’re wardrobe will be ready in no time.

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70s fashion placed a great emphasis on timelessness and unity. Crafted by many artists who were discontent with events that had led to the Vietnam War and Nixon’s resignation, designs used color as a statement about the ability of humans to live and thrive together without conflict. Browns, yellows, and whites became the staple colors, from which other variations were pulled, such as olive greens and antique reds. Brown-dominated color palettes will serve you well in this trend.

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Never forget, you can toss in brilliant accents here and there, such as a bright squiggly scarf or brilliantly striped sweater. A suede trucker jacket with muted jeans serves as a nice ‘backdrop’ for a colorful, bold t-shirt. A longer handkerchief or scarf will liven up a sunflower yellow dress or blouse. Ethnic patterns, geometric motifs, and abstract prints give personality and decoration to a color scheme focused in earthy hues. Exotic shops are a wonderful place to search for unique treasures to make your 70s chic sparkle.

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This detail of 70s style expands upon the accents of color and gives you the opportunity to express yourself through texture. Crochet, lace, and macramé are all welcome additions to 70s attire. If you’re adept at crocheting or sewing lace, try adding an ornamental patch or extension to something you already own. Attached well, this can be a simple way of tailoring an item to a trend, but keeping it versatile for the next fashion fad. Accompany what you craft with a beads or jewels for added spark. Just be aware as you pile on the accessories. Better to have many pieces with a little decoration than one with too much.

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Welcome suede into your wardrobe this fall! This napped leather is comfy, roomy, and easy to work with. Though hot for the summer months, it’s cozy and firm for windy days and chilly mornings until the colder season roars in. You can find suede versions of almost any item of clothing. Start with a jacket or shoes to see how you like the material, but if you fall in love, there are plenty of stores where you can find suede dresses, skirts, pants, and even blouses. Use restraint and suede will be an excellent addition to your fall style.

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It’s a bit of a double trend. Not only are 70s fashion trends look coming back this fall, but Western-chic is also in. An aspect of looks, stylish tassels commonly adorn both accessories and clothing. Tassels are subtle and pair up well with other styles such as metallic and modern. You can add them yourself by cutting the edge of a fabric so that many small, rectangular strips hang down. You can probably find something in your closet you can transform in just a few minutes.

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You don’t have to start wearing bell-bottoms to use the 70s fashion trend of denim in your outfits this fall. Finding ways to incorporate a slight flair in your pants leg isn’t as ridiculous and if you want to go the extra mile we encourage you to. However, you can also invest in denim shirts, midi-skirts, jackets, and overalls. There are even ways to work denim into your shoes and bags if you’d rather it be an accent than a featured fabric. You can avoid an all-out Canadian Tuxedo by using one denim item per outfit. If you do want to use more, add strong contrasts so that the different materials feel balanced.

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Skirts “grew up” in the 70s. The mini skirt slowly bowed out to midi and maxi lengths. You can follow this growth too. Adjust your wardrobe to feature the long skirt this fall. You can still let you dress flow with the wind, there will just be more of it. Picking a light material that breathes well will also compensate for the extra coverage and lack of revealed leg. Midi skirts work well in suede and denim, while the longer skirts can be difficult to wear when made of these stiff materials. Try walking in the 70s fashion trends first that appeal to you first before wearing them out.

It’s easy to create your own 70s chic outfit. Get on out there and bring back that Brady Bunch glamour, Marsha. Check out our article about how to Repurpose Your Wardrobe for Fall for some helpful style tips!


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