7 First Date Tips For Men

These first date tips for men will help you go from terrified to confident. After finally mustering up the courage to ask out the apple of your eye, you’re frantically reading all the dating fashion advice you can find. First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for finally making the move and scoring a first date! With these seven suggestions, you’ll be able to nail your first date outfit and create a positive impression that will (hopefully) lead to a second one.


  1. Shave – Now, take a deep breath and open your shaving kit. Facial hair can make a huge first impression. The effort that you put into your grooming speaks magnitudes to your cleanliness, organization, and your respect towards others. An unkempt wild clump of facial hair gives off a sloppy appearance. While a patchy, half-grown beard makes you appear young and inexperienced. Shave to impress. Use a fresh blade and sculpt your beard with sharp, defined lines that highlight the contours of your face. Follow up with men’s aftershave soothe your skin and reduce the likelihood of ingrown hairs, which are also an eyesore! Shaving should give you face a comfortable, welcoming look to support you smile.


  1. Cologne – Cologne is a great way to smell nice for your date, but too much can overpower a room and have a nauseating effect. One or two sprays on your wrists, around your neck, or under your armpits are more than enough to give you a pleasing smell. If in doubt, skip the cologne. It’s better to have no smell than an overwhelmingly negative one. Also, don’t confuse cologne with deodorant. Apply a non-scented deodorant before the cologne to cover up your body odor and allow the cologne to stand out.


  1. Trim Your Nails – Nails are easy to forget if you have a busy daily routine, but your date will certainly take notice. A guy’s hands don’t have to be perfectly smooth but it’s important for them to be clean and well kept. Grease and dirt stains won’t attract any hand holding sessions. Give your fingers a good scrub and rinse beforehand in the shower. If your nails are overgrown, trim them with nail clippers or use a metal file. They should have even, smooth edges. If you have time, trim your toenails as well. This is particularly important if you are wearing flip-flops or going somewhere your date may see your feet! If your situation is looking gnarly get professional help. Manicures and pedicures may not be high on your pastime list, but it’s absolutely worth it, guys. Some nail salons for men even serve alcohol. Not too bad, eh? Plus, if it’s your first experience, it gives you something to talk about with your date.


  1. Teeth – Give you teeth a thorough brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash. Yes, we said floss. Though it’s tempting to ax the floss, there are particles in the crevices of your teeth that brushing simply won’t reach. Flossing will also help you sustain fresh breath. If you’re hoping for a goodnight kiss, flossing will make sure there aren’t any unpleasant surprises waiting to be discovered. Bring some with you, too. A package of floss along with a small portable bottle of mouthwash will come in handy if you’re eating together.


  1. Hair Product – Water and a comb don’t always do the trick. Especially if you have a full list of activities prepared. Some product to keep your hair in place will let you look your best throughout the day. However, be weary of how much you use. Too much gel or hair wax can transform a nice, natural head of hair into a crunchy, greasy mess. Be familiar with whatever product you plan to use, and if you can, practice working with it a few days prior to your date. If you’re getting a haircut before your date, ask your barber for some tips. Like cologne, if you have doubts, a few natural wisps of hair out of place are better than a slimy head.


  1. Exfoliate – If it’s few hours before your date, this first date tips for men will only be helpful in hindsight. If you’re proactive, or slightly terrified, exfoliation can help boost your confidence. Most exfoliating face scrubs for men are designed to work quickly. One or two uses before your date will revitalize you face with a fresh, youthful look. You should absolutely shampoo and shower before your date, so this can be done at the same time.


  1. Smile – In our list of first date tips for men, this may be the cheesiest but, hey, it’s true. Grooming will make a difference, but a smile can paint even then dirtiest face with joy and delight. Don’t waste all your hard work with a pained expression! If the sparks don’t fly, you’ll know you put in the effort and have created a first date grooming plan for the next one. If it’s love at first sight, you’ve established a hygienic expectation that you’ll have to maintain.


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