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2018 Bridal Accessory Trends Inspired By the Season’s Hottest Fashion Week Styles

If you have been following our coverage of 2018 New York Bridal Fashion Week, then you know we are literally obsessed with all the latest design trends geared toward brides in the upcoming year. In just the past week, we’ve noticed that dress designs are more intricate and couture than in years past, with a strong emphasis on layers, florals, and asymmetry. They’re classy and elegant and, most of all, timeless.

But ask any bride, and she’ll tell you: it isn’t all about the dress. And boy, do we understand!  In fact, the full bridal ensemble is a well thought-out masterpiece, designed with forethought and a touch of trial and error.

Are you getting hitched (or know someone who is) in 2018? Consider incorporating one or more of these upcoming bridal accessory trends to complete your look.


Whether it’s an elegant hairpiece or a pearled headband, most brides choose to use some sort of headwear. The good news is that this accessory choice is hotter than ever before. So much so, that some brides this year are choosing their hair ornamentation before anything else.

However, as designers like Julie Vino and Laura Spörerova showed, pinning a single gemstone in your hair just isn’t going to cut it. This is 2018, after all. Instead, focus on these three modish options:

Sheer Veils

Veils were once thought of as a traditional bridal accessory only used for a religious ceremony, but that’s not the case anymore. Next year, skip the lace and focus on sheer materials in whichever length you prefer. To add a touch of pizzazz, try adding jewels or a subtle trim to the bottom of the veil.

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This season, we’re finding extra inspiration in Jaye Applewaite’s Spring designs.


Girl, you’re a princess and you deserve to be treated like one. Especially on your wedding day, it’s important to dress like you feel. Find one that matches your personality, and your headpiece will show everyone who’s running the show.

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Antique Hair Combs

Hand-me-downs are a necessary element in many bridal outfits. After all, you need something old AND something borrowed. So go talk to your Great Aunt Sally or Grandmother Beth and see if they have an antique hair comb you can use to pin back your hair. It’s an accessory that never loses its beauty or meaning.

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Overlays and Covers

Overlays are all the rage on the runway, but if you purchased your dress sans overlay before some 2018 styles hit the shelves, then you’re not alone.

Instead of getting your dress altered, look for lightweight shawls or sheaths in lace or chiffon. We especially love the delicate styles shown by Justin Alexander. For a winter wedding, a faux fur coat or shrug should do the trick.

Bold Accents

Ribbon belts aren’t the only way to accent your dress. Consider other bold accents, such as bright costume jewelry or a strategically-placed broach add glamour where and when you need it most. Shows like Martina Mudra’s NYFW runway presentation offered up plenty of inspiration that can easily be translated into bridal.


A favorite of brides for centuries, the rosette is making a surprising comeback this season. We have seen designers use them on headbands and on the shoulder of an asymmetric dress, but don’t feel limited by these options. Rosettes imprinted on your dress lace or as a hairpiece are also feminine and perfect for your wedding day.

As we finish coverage of NYBFW, we’ll be making note of other 2018 bridal accessory trends to bring back to you. If you’re getting married in 2018, we’ve got you covered.


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