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An Unapologetic Guide To Viral Beauty Trends In 2017

Viral beauty trends are more aggressive than most fads. They aren’t regulated by the industry elite and honed by critics across the globe until runway-approved and shelf-ready. A truly viral beauty trend is born of instantaneous inspiration and the growing belief that whatever looks good and feels good deserves to be perfected. That’s not a cynical remark, either. Why else do you think people would have endured the idea that condoms make excellent makeup applicators and black highlighter was a flattering idea? Then again, viral beauty also creates a platform for innovative techniques no one would have uncovered without the unbridled permission to explore to their heart’s content. To help you catch the truly good ideas without getting caught up in bad experiments, here’s a breakdown of the top 2017 viral beauty trends. We trust you’ll know what to try and what to avoid.

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Blade Runner anyone? This shimmering style of eye makeup is the beauty product 90s rave culture craved but never could get its hands on. Twenty-odd years later, it’s time to honor the memory of those midnight queens and party bois and flaunt modern neon shadow like you invented it. Buff like a champion and everyone will love you for it.

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Brave souls have been trying to master this strange technique since the early spring. Apparently, wrapping a condom around your beauty blender will make the application process go more smoothly. It’s great if this makes your applicator more bendable, but in the end, do you really want to sacrifice your dignity to be a part of a trend like this?

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Once upon a time, there was a stainless steel wand which was supposed to give you 360 range so you could evenly coat your lashes. The idea was that individual lashes would slip into small grooves on the steel surface, effectively being fully dipped in mascara. What actually happened felt more like applying eye makeup using a screw. Small wonder that didn’t last long.

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Viral beauty bloggers really took a fancy to unsavory beauty applicators in 2017. First condoms and then tampons. We shudder to imagine what could be next. As you might assume, using this intimate product to smear makeup on your face is not the best decision. It may be soft against the skin, but it absorbs so much applying with ends up a futile battle.

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These lip products from Kailijumei are just plain fun. They’re captivating to look at and the nectar-infused lipstick nurtures your lips more than regular, artificial glosses. The moisturizing mixture is especially good if you tend to get chapped lips during the summer. At only $9, this is on viral beauty trend worth spending a little money to participate in.

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Don’t do this. It’s a playful Coachella look that could work for a few days, but unless you’re at some niche festival there’s really no good reason to cover your butt in buckets of glitter. Limit the sparkles to your fingernails and maybe a little around your eyes. Unicorn beauty must be used sparingly to retain any sense of class.

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Finally, a tool you can use that doesn’t have any awkward undertones! There are other benefits to silicone in addition to its favorable reputation. Using this material as a beauty blender means you won’t be wasting any makeup as it’s absorbed into your applicator. Given that over half of your makeup is probably wasted in this way using a normal blender, it’s a big money saver if nothing else.

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People have mixed feelings about this viral trend. While it can come across as too edgy very easily, there is an extent to which it’s simply a darker shade of bronzer. In the end, it’s all about how you choose to use the product. If you’re blending in a tanner tone, go right ahead. Just take care to control yourself before going all-out punk.

In the end, none of us can resist viral beauty trends. Even if they’re terrible, watching beauty gurus struggle through them is entertaining and ultimately feels like an odd sort of triumph. When you can navigate through the absurdity and find treasures amid the chaos, then you’re in for a real treat.


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