Rediscover the Suit In Giorgio Armani’s Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Collection

It’s really no surprise the father of the modern suit was working his magic anew on the 2017 runway. Even since originating the signature piece of formal yuppie menswear, Giorgio Armani and his prestigious label have made a business out of dressing the impressively refined. What made his 2017 Fall collection back in March particularly notable was the way veteran designer Giorgio reinvented the attire he made famous to bring it new life. With designers across the board taking renewed interest in men’s and women’s pantsuits, it’s no surprise he felt the need to give this classic look an inventive spark. Come take a peek at the world Armani came up with, full of unexpected color and elements of 1930s cabaret fashion. It’s a rare blend of the old and the new that never feels like too much of either aesthetic. It seems this formalwear giant has been taking lessons in looking cool.

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With velour and chainmail metals on the rise, this look proves that even the most diverse materials work well together if you combine them with an expert eye.

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Neutrals don’t have to sit idly by and give you a calming demeanor. Make your black on white pop this fall. You can even mix in some white-and-color checkers to give your pure white piece even more personality.

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These pointy gothic blouses are worth mentioning too, but it’s the cabaret hats you should really try to balance atop your fall outfits. If black seems too extreme, find a similar style that comes in brown.

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It’s long been said that red was going to be a big player in fall fashion. At Armani’s 2017 Fall show, the designer used the vibrant color in an eerie, Halloweenesque way to emphasize the campy features of red on black. It’s all you could want from an October couture look.

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Along with the haunted look, Giorgio Armani worked bright red into mixed suits featuring a scarlet blouse and red pants leg stripe. It’s time to start thinking of red as the new navy blue.

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Armani’s red theme didn’t stop with pantsuits. They also took advantage of larger pieces like this velvety trench coat. If you want to infuse your rainy day attire with color, consider a bright red coat this fall.

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Part of the fun when it comes to Armani’s renewed suits is their casually skimpy build, specifically the jackets. While it’s still warm enough to flaunt that belly, let a jacket like this give your navel some air-time.

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Summer’s energetic hues are bleeding into the fall seasons. If you can’t decide what colors to keep in your wardrobe, try a combination of red and indigo. According to Mr. Dior, they’re the perfect combination.

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Colors are fun, but patterns can add just as much of a pop to your outfit. Look for textured prints that allude to depth and tangible characteristics to make your fall print more than just a simple pattern.

Giorgio Armani has given you permission to go wild with your formalwear this fall. Take his advice and plan a wardrobe that lets you fully explore the possibilities of a suit. Who knew the possibilities were this vast?


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