2017 Makeup Trends To Give You Bombshell Looks

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Are you excited for the makeup trends 2017 has to offer? I know it’s only early January and I don’t mean to cause you panic, but awards season and Valentine’s Day are right around the corner. If you want to rock the latest looks, you’re going to need a few weeks to pick the beauty trend best suited to you and perfect it. The makeup looks poised to make headlines in 2017 are diverse, exciting, and feature a little bit of everything. From green eyeshadow to au natural, here are the fresh, new styles you need to be wearing this year.

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Don’t freak out. No one is saying to take your blush brush and go crazy – and if they are – don’t listen. This trend simply means you should try some pastel-like blush colors on your eyes rather than your cheeks. Keep the color uneven so it creates dimension on your lid. It’s a great way to highlight your eyes if you have light or pale skin.

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When we were 90s teenagers, lip gloss was super cool because it felt rebellious. In 2017, it’s actually going to be cool. Dimensional lips are in. Find a gloss that gives your lips extra shine and a whole lot of pop. Most brands are sticking to classic reds and magentas, but don’t be afraid to go a little outside the box. Bright purple gloss could work wonders.

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2017 is the year to experiment with blush. If you don’t want it on the apple of your cheeks or above your eyes, try applying it on the cheekbone area. Swipe upwards towards the ears and temples, outlining the extreme sides and length of your face. If you fancy a makeup look that pays homage to 80s greats like Demi Moore, Cher, and Madonna, this is your answer.

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This will be a year for bold statements, so why not make one with your eye makeup? Give your eyelids a bright orange or vivid blue makeover. They may sound like a disaster, but intense colors can work if you match them with an outfit and use them wisely. Don’t match bright eyeshadow with bright lips and bright blush. Choose one and wear it with pride.

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If you don’t like bold colors, swing your look in the opposite direction. The natural makeup look was one of the top skincare trends of 2016. Makeup experts and dermatologists alike applauded the “less is more” aesthetic of less-heavily covered face. If you want something quick and easy that shows off the true you, go au natural. Isn’t it great when trends are simple?

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If most of these trends feel imprecise or contour-focused, here’s a concrete color trend that won’t take much time to figure out. Pantone is the color of the year, but you can use any shade of green you want for this look. Evergreen works well with dark skin tones while emerald and olive green complement lighter skin.

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Finally, a retro look that isn’t based on an obsession with the 80s or 90s! This 1960s mod classic resembles the makeup looks used on classic Barbie dolls. Draw on rays of drawn on eyelashes around the edge of your lower eyelid. Then add false eyelashes to your upper and lower lids. The spider-like false lashes and artificial mascara lashes combine to give the eye a surreal quality. I really hope this classic becomes a staple 2017 beauty trend. It’s about time we wore the 60s again.

There they are. These are the 2017 makeup trends you should plop on your beauty blog and share with the world. Now get to work picking the one you’ll be flauting this year.


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