2017 handbag trends

Rock These 2017 Handbag Trends

Obsessing over your handbag collection is nothing to be ashamed of. You need some diversity in your closet to keep your everyday style from growing old of cliché. That’s why this summer, it’s time to head out and collect some new designs for your growing menagerie. There’s a few little tips to keep in mind as you’re browsing the rich, colorful racks of handbags designers in 2017. First and foremost, this is a summer of noisy purses. Any studded design or unique pattern that catches your eye will look great in your wardrobe. If it feels too extreme or overly gaudy, you’re probably doing something right. Let bright shiny colors and eclectic prints flood your closet shelves. You’ll never be at a loss for what to drape over your tan shoulder ever again. Even better, what a decorative treat to show off when your friends come over for drinks!

mini bags
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Everyone loves the persistent little mini-bag. It’s there for your essentials rain or shine and keeps out of the way so your outfit can shine. In 2017, the simple crossbody is the way to go. No one has time to try and balance a small bag on one arm. Pick a design that will look good strapped across your body and get moving. This is the perfect look for a weekend full of errands.

2017 handbag trends
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If normal handbags are getting you down, give something more playful a try. Maybe your purse should look like a unicorn or some extended tassel. There’s even a design that doubles as a safe with an extra clasp that locks. If you keep insanely precious things in your handbag on a weekly basis, this little member of the accessory bag trend might be just what you’ve been looking for.

decorative chains
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This is the chain gang you want to be a part of. It’s 80s punk coming back to demonstrate how cool it actually is. You can use any number of stylish chains as a replacement for your typical crossbody strap. If you carry a peach or pink purse, go for a delicate gold design. More of an industrial handbag gal? Heavy construction-inspired chains will be more what you’re looking for.

colorful prints
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Patterned handbags are a relatively new thing, but the young trend sure is growing fast. Within the last ten years, we’ve gone from mainstream black and brown to leather and canvas decked out with every design imaginable. There are geometric patterns, retro florals, art-inspired murals, and Warholesque pop art. It’s true. You can run out and pick any design that strikes your fancy. It’s a rare moment of freedom, so seize it while you can.

purses with tassels
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If 3D design is more your cup of tea, 2017 has plenty of options to keep you happy. This is the year of the tassel. Your decorative fringe can come in any shape and size this summer, from fuzzy to firm. If you really love those leather tassels, let them make your trendy mini-bag look like a giant purse.

handbags with drawstrings
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Athleisure has reared its head in almost every subcategory of fashion and this year, it’s really making a difference on the purse industry. It’s a brilliant design choice for flexible handbags. Stuff all your daily necessities in the malleable leather pouch and tighten it up at the top. One of the simplest bags in the world.

2017 handbag trends
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Designer bags have always been a subject of bragging rights, but never quite like this. Today, you can purchase a bag that literally has the designer’s name emblazoned across the side. If anyone was in doubt about how much you spent on your couture bags, one glance will clear up the confusion right away. It’s also a great way to send the world a subtle message as you strut down the street.

2017 handbag trends bring out the best in charismatic purses. These designs are all statement pieces in their own special way. Get ready to make a splash with whatever your throw over your arm. It’s going to be a noisy summer.



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