2017 fall runway trends

2017 Fall Runway Trends You Need To Add To Your Wardrobe Pronto

It’s been months since designers showed us what to expect from fashion this fall. Seeing what’s in store on the Fall 2017 Runway in February is all well and good, but where do you turn when you’re starting to revamp your wardrobe mid-summer? Don’t go searching through the annals of fashion to find what brands were predicting fashionistas would be wearing when the cold weather returned. Turn your attention to recent fads and how trendy summer outfits can translate over into your fall wardrobe. From the recent return of vibrantly colored tops to epic mural prints, summer fashion has virtually guaranteed that your fall wardrobe will be diverse and entertaining. Here are the key elements to include if you want to dress for success in the coming months.

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Whether it’s classic checkers or textured patchwork, designers are going wild for plaid prints in 2017. Though you can wear a checkered dress for casual occasions, most of these black-and-white patterns work best in a professional office setting.

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There did seem to be a particularly large amount of floral prints floating around this summer, but warm weather always brings out flowers in fashion. Fall will be the true test of this 90s trend. Can you pull off a fur coat decked out in elaborate blossoms? Try one and see.

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It’s no big surprise that brands like Calvin Klein embraced the return of 90s fashion as a chance to reclaim denim style. After all, everyone knows Klein makes some killer designer jeans. It takes denim designs from brands like Versace or Dior to convince the industry this important fabric has returned. Both Versace and Dior featured Canadian tuxedos on their Fall runways. Time to stock up on denim, folks.

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Shimmering clothes in 2017 imitate the futuristic 70s without feeling fashion-forward. Artists like Christopher Kane focused on treating silver material like traditional fabric, creating a regal look much social commentary. Refreshingly straightforward in a year littered with politically-themed runways.

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Whether it’s purplish ruby fur, dark reddish-pink trousers, or a blatant scarlet pantsuit, you can find red scattered throughout late summer and early fall fashion this year. Stop fearing the bold color and start finding aggressive ways to work in into your wardrobe.

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This isn’t your father’s Western chic. Striving to infuse classic American attire with new energy, brands like Gucci and Coach started to work colorful Hippie prints and 70s folk elements into traditional cowgirl outfits. The result is an audacious celebration of vintage America. For once, it’s your haute couture responsibility to dress a little wild.

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We look back at last winter and laugh at ourselves for even hinting that the puffa jacket would replace the trench coat. You need one of these in your fall wardrobe, no questions asked. It’s such a prevalent piece, even Maison Margiela embraced it with minimal deconstruction.

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It’s not nearly as impressive as dodging bullets and leaping from semi to semi, but black leather nevertheless has captivated the fashion community in 2017. Take this dystopia-inspired trend as your opportunity to invest in subcultural clothes. We promise you won’t regret it.

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2017’s Fall runways were some of the most notorious when it came to transparent and translucent design. Seems like we’ve entered the age where leaving the house in your underwear is less of a nightmare and more the reality. Maybe you should give it a whirl.

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Few trends from the 1950s have forged a return, but polka dot prints refuse to quit. This year, they’ve burst on the scene once again with a surprisingly amount of contemporary flair. Whether you reuse family vintage clothes or find something new, let those dots shine.

Fall 2017 isn’t a hard season to shop for. Whether you’re a classic style gal or opulent fashionista, the perfect new outfit is waiting for you to pluck it from the shelves. Fall is a beautiful season outdoors. Make sure your style game matches Mother Nature’s epic fashion transformation.


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