2017 fall nail art

2017 Fall Nail Art Is All About Sophisticated Subtlety

Don’t tell me you haven’t started at least thinking about what you’re going to do with those precious nails come fall. Many of you probably even started to plan cute leafy designs and pumpkin faces with your girlfriends. While we admire your inventive initiative, there’s a key element to this season’s fall nail art you may be forgetting. In 2017, the buzzword for nail polish designs is subtlety. Beauty gurus and nail experts don’t want to see classic murals like they have since the late 90s. Instead, people are all about little French tips and autumnal oranges. Don’t settle for playful when you can be vibrant and chic. Here are Instagram’s best suggestions for how to decorate your empty nails this fall.

2017 fall nail art
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Who said waves are only a summertime thing? Whether you look at this squiggly vertical line as a minimalist turkey feather or metaphorical interpretation of fall, it shines with decorative subtlety just crisp enough to make a statement.

marble nail polish
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Turquoise is totally in this year, so all that aqua blue jewelry you’ve been craving just became even more justifiable. Turquoise polish has also returned to the nail art spotlight, particularly as an offshoot of the marble pattern trend. More engaging than cream-colored stone polish, you should hop on this bandwagon before it’s too late.

nail art
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Glitter crusted nails are too much. They may work for an excessive holiday part, but not during the fall. If you feel your nail polish glam is lacking, settle for a few rhinestones at the base of your bare nails. It’s decadent, inexpensive, and beautifully subtle all at once.

mod 60s
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It could be Art Deco or even the mod 60s, but some vintage art trend is inspiring beauticians to paint over full patterns only leaving a strip of the decoration visible. For anyone who loves painting designs, this is a simple way to make your gaudy tastes a little subtler.

French tips
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 The whole idea behind French tips is to leave the edge of your nail lighter than the rest. In 2017, the trendiest nail contour is a distinct dark stripe at the tip of your nail. This reverse look is super easy and it can transform your naked nail into an artistic canvas.

2017 fall nail art
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We’re putting this look on here because everyone deserves a chance to try it out. Glitter is excessive and nail foil can feel contrived, so combine the two with some glistening nail flakes. It’s the perfect trendy way to bridge that awkward gap between August nudes and fall ombré.

nail designs
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A variation on the patterned stripe idea, this artsy nail look is made up of one mural design split between two nails. Maybe it’s a heart you can join and break apart or a playful ladybug that doubles as decorative dots. Whichever you chose, have fun. This is the closest to childhood smiley faces you’ll get with 2017 nail trends.

Leave your amateurish nail designs at the door and go for the kill with chic designs. It will make you look classier and wow your peers in the best way possible. If showing off your class is this easy, there’s really no excuse.


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